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[GIVEAWAY] Shiny BR Latias/Latios Giveaway
Deposited: Trumbreak
Level: 17, Male
IGN: Sebasti
Wanted: Latias
I'm back again.
*  Lv20  Trumbeak  M.
*  Request:  Lv100 Latios.
*  IGN:  Warrior. 
*  Thankyou in advance
Hello, hope it is still going ! ^^
I deposited a trumbeak
lvl: 17
gender: Female
ign: Luna (blonde girl)
Asked for a Latias :)
Thank you so much in advance :)
Deposited : Trumbeak
Lv.18 MAle
IGN : Anes
Wanted : Latios
Deposited : Trumbeak Lv.18 Female
IGN : Canaduh
Wanted : Latios
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles.

Thank you very much !
Deposited: Trumbeak renamed BIDOOF
Level: 23, Female
IGN: Mish Jagger
Wanted: Latios

Best giveaway ever ! Thanks a lot! :D
Can someone tell me if this topic is still relevant ? I am interrested, but since the guy has not been online for 2 weeks, I was wondering if someone else is taking care of it ?
Pkmn wanted- Latias
Thanks so much doing this^^

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