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[GIVEAWAY] The Summoner of Night Honchkrow vs. The Secluded Bird Staraptor{Closed}
Hello guys and gals I hope you are all doing well. After the vote to decide this giveaway, their was a clear desire to have this giveaway featuring Honchkrow and Staraptor. Below I have the Pokemon with their Natures, ability, moves.

Amount I have of each. {I can of course make more if there is a high demand}

Staraptor Adamant
Ability- Intimidate
Close Combat
Brave Bird

252 ATK
252 SPD
4 Sp Def

Honchkrow Adamant
Ability- Moxie
Sucker Punch
Brave Bird
Foul Play

252 HP
252 ATK

Note: I chose these natures to take advantage of each of these Pokemon's strengths. Also you can reset the EVs if you like with a reset bag in super training, I just found these EVs to suit these pokemon the best. Also I added Foul Play to Honchkrow just to mix it up but I would switch it to Roost or another move that has better utility I just find it funny when you hit an opponent who has High attack with a foul play they are not expecting.

When posting your response please post which one you want as well as your IGN and FC. Also if you want a fast response add my FC right away that way I can trade with you as soon as I get online.

Which team will you choose. Team Honchkrow or Team Staraptor.

PS: If you want both please include that in the post.
Can I have both? XD

IGN: Lenn
FC: 1504-6263-8374
Hey, I would like one of each

IGN: Supun
FC: 0318-8991-2214
can i have both too? Smile otherwise i would like a staraptor Smile

FC: 5258-0669-6072
IGN: Max
Hey man is it possible to get one of both otherwise id like thathonchcrow c:
FC: 4527-8588-4159
IGN(Y): Dr.Prof.Henk
For the first four responses. I am adding you now and yes you can all get one of each.
TY man c:
can i have both as well if not ill take staraptor
I would like both please.
IGN: Scott
FC: 5043-2456-5792
Thank you!
Adding Scott and Drake now

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