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[GIVEAWAY] (UPCOMING)They are coming ? The big giants legendary event Giveaway.
Hi to alll

Once the giveaway >>

Has been completed i might start a very new one with some very rare events (That were released 13 jan 2018) Video proofed /legit and cloned. Jpn with a language tag.

1) Once the giveaway can start i will be changing the title. (need to make sure these mons can be traded to Old moon ) (Cause i use only Old moon for trades)

Check the site to see when there is newwws.

Have fun all.
O. O

Cool dude
Good news i have 8 of blue giants collected, and 5 red giants, once the other topic giveaway ends i might start this with a language of giant legend event (Though i might be gone for some time next days)

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