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[GIVEAWAY] Pokemon Giveaway. Play and guess to win something Guud.
Hi to all and merry christomess to all.

In this giveaway you can win some proofed events or other things > more info below

1)If you win a non event pokemon we will trade through GTS

2)If you win an event pokemon we will trade through Link trade

3)Everyone has a life and we need to respect that.

4)No double posting, do edit if you need to add important thing, do not edit your answer.

5)If by accident you double posted don't forget to click on ''delete'' to delete your double posted message and then edit your post like example>>

6)''Edit: i got this, Edit2: I hoose that, Edit3: I be this, etc.

7)I will list below (bottom)which pokemon you need to put as ''NFT'' after i trade them to you.

8)You can guess only 5x. After i announce the first part being completed you may try to guess again on a new giveaway win.

9)I will be checking your posts , so do not ''cheat'' by editing your answers when you find out later that you had guessed wrong ones.

10)The pokemons will be ''clones'' of originals so still legit. (nothing changed unless they are Dittos/ Or Battle ready pokemon, i don't edit events)

11)I seee youu, so don't try to trade the pokemons that are ''NFT'' somewhere else(I'm on a lot of sites and i also may ask some people if they traded it)

12)The first 10 winners get the part 1 prize.

13)After i have completed to give the winners their prize i will start part 2.

14)Once i found the 10 winners i will announce them.

15)Have funnn and play fair to not ruin it for the othersss.
Example below on how to guess:

Guess: 1: Supergirl
Guess 2: Beyblade
Guess:3 Ninjask
Guess:5 Heracross

Prize list.

Part 1 >> Wcsk Mew (korean mew with language tag Ger) video proofed. VRTO >> Only trade it with other people VRTO pokemons. (You may ask for multiple proofed events from other trader to trade this mon to other trader. ) << More info about the event Mew.

Or: If you are the first person that guessed right > i can gen/create 3 pokemons for you >> (Can be battle ready or anything else as long as they can be created on Sun/Moon. (I only use Moon for editiing/creating/trading stuff etc.)

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Which pokemon will i catch when i continue Ultra moon as sixth member before i fight Kiawe ?

Hint: Pink pokemon.

Below updates to remind me which still have to get or have prize gotten.

@Black Waterfall Completed
@Nyatalie Completed
@Dova Completed
@Gustvius Completed
@ToxicTarrn yet to give prize
@TheAlmightySancho Completed
@Pokeballsohard Completed
@RetroTyphlosion Yet to give prize
@neko124 Yet to give prize
@DrFruitfly Yet to give prize
So do we just list out 5 pokemon or what?
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1. Corsola
2. Alomomola
3. Miltank
4. Slowpoke
5. Bruxish

Edit: I didn't understand the rules, now I do. I edited my post to match what was required.
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Slowpoke, Gorebyss, Corsola, Chansey, Clefable

That's my 5.
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I edited a little the post>>

Here is just example>>

Guess: 1 Supergirl
Guess 2: Ninjask

Guess 3 : Lugia
Guess: 4 Movie
Guess:5 Cartoon

Edit: Nevermind you can ignore this postt
Guess 1: Alomomola
Guess 2: Bruxish
Guess 3: Miltank
Guess 4: Porygon
Guess 5: Pyukumuku
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Guess: 1: Igglybuff
Guess 2: corsola
Guess3: alomomola
Guess:5 luvdisc

Thanks  Big Grin

I've realised that I had to list pink pokemon so i've edited my answer.
This one seems simple- here my guesses:
These are my guesses:

1. Miltank
2. Stufful
3. Igglybuff
4. Slowpoke
5. Flaaffy

Big Grin
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My guesses
Guess 1: Alomomola
Guess 2: Bruxish
Guess 3: Miltank
Guess 4: Corsola
Guess 5: Gorebyss

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