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[GIVEAWAY] Utility Pokemon [Month 3]
Hi there. I'd like both Smeargles and since I already have two games, I'll deposit the Inkays in both.

IGN: NICOっ (Region JPN) -> in both games

Pokemon requested: Money Smeargle
Pokemon deposited: Inkay (マーイーカ) (Region JPN)
Level: 4
Gender: Male

Pokemon requested: Legendary Catching Smeargle
Pokemon deposited: Inkay (マーイーカ) (Region JPN)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Requested Pokémon: Smeargle (legendary catching)
Pokémon Deposited: Inkay
Level: 15
Gender: Female
Message/Ball: I want to fill my Pokédex. /Pokéball
IGN: Manuel

P.S.: The last one got traded already I put Level 91 or higher on this trade. :D
Pokemon requested: absol
Pokemon deposited: Inkay lv 46 male
Level: 46
Gender: male
Message/Ball : i want full my pokedex, hyperball

Thx and nice holidays
This is going to be temporarily closed, it will reopen after Christmas. Please take out your pokemon.
Click here to look for my current giveaway!

You can catch me online at 7-9 PM EST almost every day

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