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[GIVEAWAY] Utility Pokemon [Month 3]
Pokemon requested: Smeargle (Legendary Catching)
Pokemon deposited: Inkay level 6 (female) in pokeball
IGN : Vellorie
Message/Ball (Optional): Please trade pokemon with me. Thanks in advance

Thanks so much
@Vellorie Enjoy Smile
Ign: Pokejack
requested: Absol
Deposited: Inkay
lv. 4
Ball: Ultra Ball
@TimeTwist Enjoy Smile
Thanks! Now I would like:

Requested Smeargle (Legendary Catching one)
Deposited lvl 4 Female Inkay
IGN: Broco
Pokemon Wanted: Absol
Pokemon Deposited: Inkay
Inkay Level: 7
Inkay Ball: Quick Ball
Message: Please Trade With Me. Thank You In Advance.
My IGN: Moon
@Theobroco Enjoy Smile
@DinoGamer0 Enjoy Smile
IGN: Pokejack
Request: Macargo
Deposited: Inkay
Gender: Female
Lv. 7
Ball: Ultra Ball
@TimeTwist Enjoy Smile
IGN: Pokejack
Request: Money Smeargle
Deposit: Inkay
Gender: Female
Lv. 4
Ultra Ball


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