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[GIVEAWAY] Utility Pokemon [Month 3]
Hi there. I'd like both Smeargles and since I already have two games, I'll deposit the Inkays in both.

IGN: NICOっ (Region JPN) -> in both games

Pokemon requested: Money Smeargle
Pokemon deposited: Inkay (マーイーカ) (Region JPN)
Level: 4
Gender: Male

Pokemon requested: Legendary Catching Smeargle
Pokemon deposited: Inkay (マーイーカ) (Region JPN)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Requested Pokémon: Smeargle (legendary catching)
Pokémon Deposited: Inkay
Level: 15
Gender: Female
Message/Ball: I want to fill my Pokédex. /Pokéball
IGN: Manuel

P.S.: The last one got traded already I put Level 91 or higher on this trade. :D
Pokemon requested: absol
Pokemon deposited: Inkay lv 46 male
Level: 46
Gender: male
Message/Ball : i want full my pokedex, hyperball

Thx and nice holidays
This is going to be temporarily closed, it will reopen after Christmas. Please take out your pokemon.

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