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[GIVEAWAY] Vinnie Features #15: Eviolite Porygon2
Welcome to the fifteenth edition of Vinnie Features.
''Vinnie features'' is a collection of Pokemon I had fun with, love using or (imo) great in competitive play.
It's a concept I have been thinking of creating, since I recently started my journey in the competitive aspect of Pokemon.
I am in no means an expert in Pokemon battling and I'm doing it just for fun.
I like experimenting with different pokemons, moves and teams (and losing horribly with them).

Sun & Moon only!
[Image: gotta_draw__em_all_collab___porygon2_by_...822rea.png]
Happy New Year everyone!
We're starting this year off great
I'm giving away @ChaseInfinity also known as Porygon2
Quite a popular pokemon in competitive right now.
It's also @Haruna 's favorite pokemon.

Porygon2, the drinking bird Pokemon
It was upgraded to work in space
but it can't fly, so that may be a problem
It's artificially intelligent, and can learn new behaviors on its own
Porygon2 and it family are the only known pokemon to learn Conversion and Conversion 2

[Image: shiny_porygon2_by_shinyhunterf-d8yg8uq.png]


Porygon2 holding Eviolite makes it incredibly bulky
It can soak up a lot of damage for your team
but beware of Knock Off and Toxic
Knock Off will make it lose its Eviolite, which heavily reduces its defences.
Try to poison your opponents with Toxic and stall them with Recover.
Ice Beam to get some good coverage and deal decent damage.


[Image: 233.gif]        [Image: 233.gif]

  Normal   or   Shiny

Porygon2 @ Eviolite  
Ability: Download  
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD  
Calm Nature 
- Recover  
- Toxic  
- Tri Attack  
- Ice Beam
The rules:

1. Only via GTS.
2. Deposit a [b]Sneasel, [/b]can be found at Mount Lanakila

Can be found at Mount Lanakila
     [Image: 600px-215Sneasel.png]

3. Please request Lv 91+ only!
4. Let me know if you want a normal one or a shiny.
5. In order to get a Porygon2 please fill in the form below.

Shiny (yes or no):
Pokemon Deposited:

6. Wait for it..

This giveaway will close January the 8th.

 Artwork ''Porygon2'' by Krisantyne
Artwork ''Shiny Porygon2'' by ShinyHunterF
Shiny: yes 
Pokemon Deposited: Sneasel
Gender: female
Level: 44
IGN: Neko

Thanks for this GA and happy new year.
Shiny (yes or no): Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Sneasel
Gender: Male
IGN: Will

Thanks in advance!
shiny: No
Nickname: Achilles
IGN: Martina 
level: 43
Thank you so much and happy 2017! ^^
Shiny (yes or no): Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Sneasel
Gender: female
IGN: Eric
Quote:Shiny (yes or no): Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Sneasel
Gender:  ♀ Female
Level: 1
IGN: Lanréi

Heya and Super duper happy new year !!!
Thanks and have a super day !  :D
Shiny (yes or no): No
Pokemon Deposited: Sneasel
Gender: Male
Level: 1
IGN: Parth
Pokemon deposited : sneasel
Gender : male
Ign: Ares
Shiny: yes

Thank you!
Shiny (yes or no): Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Sneasel
Gender: Male
Level: 1
IGN: Mallesh

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