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[GIVEAWAY] six rare Pokémon
Can I get all of them but it Dialga? ;w;
Dialga or Celebi would be fantastic ^.^
I would like a Marshadow, a Genesect and a Melloeta, please. How should we trade it?
Dialga please
Hi! Im just your average rpg-playing, anime/manga loving, weeb pokemon player. Now a quote from Kaneki-senpai
"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes it needs a monster"
PPS- @TheAlmightySancho is my boi
I'm interested in the darkrai and celebi :D
I would love any one of them except Marshadow, what is the deal with these are supplies limited or can I get in on this amazing chance to bank a Mythical
Ok I see here now that I have read the whole ordeal :p Please let me know when you can squeeze me in, and thank you for this amazing opportunity to collect the rarest pokemon has to offer
So, I'm online again now! From now on I'm going to hang around Festival Plaza so we can trade, I've already added all friend codes Big Grin
Away till 2018- and happy holidays to all who read this : )
Adding yours now
Ok you are added my friend let me know when were ready to rock n roll, and if we get the first 5 and have left over time ill take a marshadow to giveaway  to someone random

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