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[GIVEAWAY] six rare Pokémon
There are so many awesome Giveaways hosted on this site that really help beginners to competitive play and pro's as well, so it's time that I give some Pokémon away as well! I hope you like them, you are of course always welcome to tell me things you would like to see done differently! I've never done one before, so i'd really appreciate tips if I do anything wrong! Big Grin

That being said, here are the Pokémon I'll be giving away:

[Image: 65px-Sugimori_802.png]
[Image: cherishball.png] マーシャドー

OT: テンセイざん

This is the 20th Movie Marshadow from Japan, I recieved it on level 60 however, meaning it's 10 levels stronger than it was given away originally.
It's moves are the ones it originally came with:
Spectral Thief
Close Combat
Force Palm

Shadow Ball

[Image: 83px-Sugimori_649.png]
[Image: cherishball.png] Genesect

OT: Plasma

This is the B2W2 launch gift Genesect. It's level 100, so it comes ready for Hyper Training (which I didn't do as it can run many movesets). It also comes from Spain.
It's moveset is the original one and consists of:
Magnet Bomb
Techno Blast
Solar Beam
Signal Beam

[Image: 64px-Sugimori_648.png]
[Image: cherishball.png] Meloetta

OT: PRI2013

This was apparently an event hosted at Micromania and FNAC, as it comes from France. It is one level higher. It comes with the PP Max it originally came with.
The moveset is unchanged and as follows: 

Teeter Dance
Close Combat

[Image: 91px-Sugimori_483.png]
[Image: dreamball.png]Dialga


This one is the reason I didn't call this six event Pokémon, as it is the one from Dream Radar. I think it's not worse than the other Pokémon here, as it comes in the rare Dream Ball, is one of the only chances to get a legendary Pokémon on level 5 along with it's fellow members of the dimension trio in HGSS, and is the only way to get it's hidden ability, Telepathy!

I took the liberty of teaching it a few new moves, which I can of course change back, that are as follows:

Dragon Breath
Fire Blast
Roar of Time
Aura Sphere

[Image: 115px-Sugimori_251.png]
[Image: cherishball.png] Celebi

OT: WIN2011

This Celebi was, apparently, given away both by Gamestop and on a Tour about Black and White. I've raised it to level 100 in order to Hyper Train every stat, which I hope you don't mind Blush . Also, this is aparrently the only way for it to learn Nasty Plot.

It's got it's original moveset, consisting of:

Leaf Storm
Nasty Plot
Healing Wish

And last but not least:

[Image: 98px-Sugimori_491.png]
[Image: cherishball.png] Darkrai


This is the Pokémon 20th Anniversary Darkrai, with the moveset it originally had:

Dark Void 
Ominous Wind

Feint Attack

This Giveaway Is probably going to be open one week from now on, maybe I'll keep this open longer
. After that, you can always PM me if you'd like one of these. Big Grin
I really hope you like my selection of Pokémon, and I hope I can give this great and supportive community something back Heart
I'm back again.
The only things I'm interested in are Meloetta and Dialga.
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Is this a first come, first serve giveaway? Like do you only have one of each Pokemon?
would really appreciate a marshadow ;-)
@TheAlmightySancho naw I love Dialga
This is so cool for a first giveaway! If we only can choose one i would like genesect. it's even from my country!
@Eugenio No, I can clone as many as I need.
@MS21 , @Kris , @TheAlmightySancho @Ubi49  We'll need to figure out a time to trade, since the Pokémon can't be traded via GTS. I can only trade tomorrow, though, but you can still post what you want so I'll have enough Big Grin
I'm back again.
That makes me want everything but Marshadow. Of course, I only need Meloetta and Dialga. The other ones are all different events to what I already have, and I'm an avid collecter of the events. The actual pokemon doesn't matter, just the event itself.
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3
Well, If I can get one of each even better. Just say around what hour we could trade and time zone, and i will be there.  Smile
It'd be cool if I could have a Dialga  Big Grin

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