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Hyper Training a Ditto
I have a question. If you hyper trained a Ditto in a lacking IV(with a bottle cap) Would it be good to breed with? Would those IVs be passed down? I was thinking of trying it. Let me know if anyone else tries it too, we can compare results!
no that does not work, it will pass on its origional IVs

Alright, thank you!! ^^ And here I thought I had found a great thing lol
I actually did this not knowing that the IVs didn't pass down. Wish I would of looked it up before wasting six bottle caps and a bunch of rare candies
Yeah, both with mints and bottle caps, even though the nature and IVs have changed respectively, it's simply a mask. The Pokemon's "genes" are still what they were before. Think of it as plastic surgery. You have changed the outward appearance, but not the DNA so the DNA still gets passed.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
Sword and Shield Trades
Ahh, that makes a lot of sense!! See, I'm glad I didnt waste all my candies cx
rip xD

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