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[IMPORTANT] The August Meet & Greet - Raise the Heat!
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Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and today I preform my second official duty as a PokémonForever Kahuna!

Welcome to PokémonForever all those shades and phantasmagorias lingering in the depths of the forums! This is the place where new and veteran members can come together and spark discussion with the goal of bringing new members out of their shells, as well as giving the long-time members a chance to meet some new acquaintances! Along with this, I've also chosen some fun posts that I think the members of the community have and will continue to enjoy as August, and subsequently the VGC season, comes to a conclusion. Make sure to send a PM to myself, @0kamii, or some of the other members of team like @stephenWITNESS, @"écarlate", or @Slec if you find any other posts you want featured in the next Weekly Meet & Greet! Be sure to PM us if you'd like to host one too!

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A Few Posts You'll Probably Enjoy!

- @moo311 has just a fantastic Legendary Pokémon giveaway happening right over here! For all your Legendary requirements!
- @"Anabel" just started a neat little Egg Swap for the more spotaneous users of the forum. Click right here if you want to be surprised with random Pokémon eggs!
- And lastly, our own @yugiohtrav12 designed their own Togedemaru set for VGC this year. If you'd rather use the Roly-Poly Pokémon than Tapu Koko, click here!
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• If you're as excited for Worlds as I am, then head over to our competitive movesets thread! See what the best trainers in the world will be using next weekend!
• But if battling isn't your thing, stop by the trading forums. You can swap Friend Codes, find all sorts of foreign mons, and make fair trades for whatever you need!
• Since you're here, why not stop by the forum for giveaways? You never know who's giving away what! You might find something indescribably enchanting!

Don't forget to hop into the Community Discord channel too where you can talk to Kahunas, like me, as well as the other members of the moderation team. Link should be right over there →, just under the 'Recent Threads' list!
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Share Your Answers With Us!

We care deeply about community here, and we always like to ask the users questions about their favorite games. So for the August Meet & Greet, your questions are going to be:

1) Tell us how you started playing Pokémon.

Personally, my brother was playing it first. I just picked it up because I thought it'd make me cool. I'm a Kahuna now, though. So I suppose it did!

2) How are you preparing for Worlds this year?

Unfortunately, I can't attend the tournament in person, but I'll be rooting for each and every player from the comfort of my room!

3) Are there any special talents you have that you'd like to share?

I've mentioned in the past that I'm an author, but I also sing and perform theatre.

4) What are your thoughts on the recent Fidget Spinner craze?

I was skeptical at first, but then I got one and now I can't put it down! It helps a lot more than I would've thought.

Now it's time to flip the switch. Tag someone using @ and ask them the very same questions, along with an addition inquiry of your choice. Please keep everything rated G, and make sure to have fun! Whether you're a new member or a seasoned PokémonForever pro, welcome to the site! We're always glad to have you!

Thanks so much for reading everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Thanks for the plug 0kamii, much appreciated

No.1 I started playing Pokémon after watching an episode of the anime, Crystal was my first game.

No.2 I cannot attend, but I'll be watching every single battle!

No.3 I am a student pilot Smile

No.4 It's cool, but not my thing.

ok, @Reis , you're up
1. I have no idea, I started because people could pay me to beat the game and that was the best thing in 4th grade, but I stopped because no one would pay anymore :c

2. i am a pro at pokemon, its really obvious, i am 100% going with my team of unowns 
(extreme sarcasm alert!! no i am not going lol)

3. my talent is mashing the y button

4. Beyblades are better because a fidget spinner anime isn't real, but i would watch that thinking about it

so this is a pass on game, okay @Zaybeastie25  ur turn
(Aug 11, 2017, 07:50 AM)0kamii Wrote: 1) Tell us how you started playing Pokémon.

Because of the Pokémon anime and because of my cousin giving me his N64 with Pokémon Snap mostly.

(Aug 11, 2017, 07:50 AM)0kamii Wrote: 2) How are you preparing for Worlds this year?

Probably just going to watch some battles on Twitch when I have time.

(Aug 11, 2017, 07:50 AM)0kamii Wrote: 3) Are there any special talents you have that you'd like to share?

I have been singing and playing guitar and piano for around 5 years but nothing very special.

(Aug 11, 2017, 07:50 AM)0kamii Wrote: 4) What are your thoughts on the recent Fidget Spinner craze?

[Image: drake-hotline-bling-jacket-moncler.png]

Anyways for my question: @0kamii, where does your habit of leaving your name at the end of your posts come from? I don't see that very often considering your profile/name is on the top left corner of every thread/post you make here, and I'm actually pretty curious about that.
1. My brother got silver first. I was like 4 and thought it was the only game you could get so I got silver too + a green gameboy colour for Christmas.

2.I wish I was that good. I'm going to watch it though. Hopefully Cybertron finally hits a wilowisp this year Kappa

3. I play a bit of drum kit here and there

4. Confused

@Mr-Soybean what's your favourite soy product?
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Nobody called me here, but I called myself because it looked fun.

1. My brother had crystal on his gameboy, so I just played on that. Then the DS happened a while later with everything you could ever want.

2. I shall ride to victory on a blazing chariot, wielding my weaponised golden karp with a focus sash and flail.  Idea

3. I can do the hackz and the codez. Specifically the codez, but maybe the hackz if I want to become a supervillain.

4. My friend's brother got a plastic one. My friend got a metal one so he could tell me he was better than his brother. Does that about sum it up?

Anyways. @Chansey, I passive-aggressively command you to do these questions!

I'm going to go sculk around on my news thread for a bit before I hit the road to Scotland for the holidays.
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I got blue and yellow years ago, when they were somewhat new.  I immediately took to the cute characters,  the Great Quest For Mew (eventually solved using a Gameshark!) and the competitive side that let me max out the strongest mons' stats and beat my friends down.  I'm a bit competitive, it seems...

I don't know much about this.  Is it a tournament?  I was away from Pokemon between Gen 3 and Gen 7 because I was busy and couldn't afford the new system... -__-;  Anything in that time frame I don't know...

I have a bunch of weird talents,  sharing nothing in common except that 1.) they're rare and 2.) typically not financially beneficial. Sad  Mostly it relates to obscure things like an interest in tenth-century Japanese court literature, or learning how to do miniature-scale woodwork.  Always useless,  always fascinating.  My latest kick is collecting classic Chinese novels- although I'm so busy I have little time for reading them!  I just finished the most widely renown Korean classics,  and I finished most of the Western canon in my teens...  So many long expensive books, and so little money and time!!! :'(  I also do cat rescue, which typically amounts to scooping up starving abandoned kittens in an oven mitt (USE THE MITT, OR THEY WILL MAUL YOU,)  bathing them, raising them for a bit, and dumping them on friends who need cats! I also kept quite a few...  I have three and they'd all spoiled brats. There's no glamour in it. But I'm a Nurse Joy-tier pushover for animals. 

I think they're kind of cringey, tbh.  But I do about the same thing by doing 3 or 4 things at once and constantly crocheting or playing video games,  or fiddling with my phone,  so...
*  1. My older brother had intruduced the snes console to play super mario 2 and since then ived been a gamer, also because he didnt survive a car crash, ived been thinking about his memory because i miss him and it was a lot a fun we had(R.I.P.)
I haved friends at school that played red,bleu with gameboy and then gold. Sum other times we used to talk about the anime on t.v and cauth up with making painting and sumetime collecting pokemon cards like team rocket's dark ratata and battle. My first pokemon game was ruby.

*2.  Im interested in participating. What crazy teams ill encounter from JPN and USA? 

*3.  I am studing to be an car technician, and now im recovering from injury in my left arm. I'm also thinking about to look for a better vision in another profesion in the future as a professional.

*4.  Their are used in cars and electric equipments too,now they invented it for distracting your mind, and to consentrate childrens at school i heard.

nice to meet ya all and i hope we have much fun!! and at me for battles if possible Smile

(sorry for my bad inglish)
Alright, I guess I should add some stuff in here.

1. I started playing pokemon with Pokemon Ruby, it was a gift from my older cousin who was going off to college, I was very confused as a child and was going off of his game when I realized the reason he gave it to me was because he had gotten himself stuck in some cave when he pushed a boulder in his path, A.K.A. He rage quit and I just happened to find out how to restart it so I began to play it from there.

2. So me, like other players in this tread, will not be going, but I will be going on showdown and trying to pick up the meta and hopefully learn to build a decent team for once  Tongue .

3. I am addicted to water sports, such as crew/rowing, swiming, and others.  

4. I feel that Pokemon should make one that looks like Ash-greninja's water shuriken[Image: 18443348_1975629599323386_44378905705216...%3D%3D.2.c]
Congrats on becoming a Kahuna! School starts up in a little over a week, so I've been kinda busy with prep for the new year, but I thought I'd drop in to check up on my favorite people! While I'm here, I guess I should answer your questions 

1. Pokémon was a huge part of my childhood growing up. I have fond memories of watching the anime with my brother eating chips and drinking Pepsi at my grandmother's house. When I was about 8 years old, I got a used copy of Pokémon Pearl from from GameStop for my new DS Lite, and have been playing the games ever since! 

2. Ah, Worlds. The time of year when all the great battlers, and especially the not-so-great battlers, cone together to cheer on the too players in the league! While I absolute love battling competitively, I'm actually pretty shite when it comes to the real thing, so I won't be participating. But, I'll certainly be rooting for all the great players from my desk at home!

3. Not many people know this, but I'm actually a Mangaka as a hobby! I'm obviously not as great as Akira Toriyama, but I lover what I do, and if you'd like, you can check out the Manga I've been working on as a hobby for a while. It's called "The World's Strongest! A Martial Arts Tale," and you can find it here on SmackJeeves: or, if you'd like to follow my art and 99% of my life, check out my dA account:
Its not perfect, and its fairly inconsistent, but its what I do, and I can't say I don't love doing it!

4. No. Just. No.

PS. Sorry for the plugs. I don't get to do them very often...

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