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[IMPORTANT] We need your Feedback/Ideas
I really like the forum design. It works well on my phone and it's relaxing to look at.  Smile
If you do a new forum design, i'd prefer the backround to be something simillar to this
Yeah, me too! Smile
I know this woudn't really work because time zones and stuff, but maybe every friday or something we have a tournament (singles) and whoever the winner of the tournament has someone pokegen their team for them. but theres a catch, if you win last week, everyone sees your team for the next week. I don't know if anyone would want this but I think this is pretty cool
Bumping again cause it’s important. Also replay or get banned.
To Each Future We Go
For easier trades, maybe add a place where users can input their time zones?

add a like button option for messages.
what about a mobile option? i use my ipod to log on here sometimes and a lot of times it is very hard to use Sad
@Agro How about a Thread Tag for Shiny Pokemon in the General Pokemon Discussion Forum?
To Each Future We Go

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