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[IMPORTANT] Why Don't I Have a Shop?
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Hey, everybody! I'm 0kamii, and I'm only stopping in to answer a question from a user.

So I was PMed today asking why I don't have my own breeding shop. As the leader of the Amethyst 0mega breeders' guild, and as a self-proclaimed 'first-class breeder' as my tag suggests, you'd think I'd have my own breeding shop open on the site, yes? Well, you'd otherwise be correct, but there's one thing that you probably haven't accounted for. That simple being issues IRL.

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In case anyone happened to be wondering the same thing, I don't have my own shop for several reasons. 1) There's already a bunch of others managed by competent breeders that you can trust, link to a few of them here, 2) I work two jobs currently, leaving less time than I'd like to manage breeding endeavors on the site, and, 3) I'm also a full-time Creative Writing student working on my debut novel, slated for self-publishing within the next year or so. These factors together make it very needless for me to open and manage my own shop. At least for the time being. Come summer, when I have fewer responsibilities, I'm open to the possibility of making a master Amethyst 0mega breeding request thread that all the guild's members can use to funnel requests, but in the meantime there simply isn't a need, nor motivation. The shops run by the breeders listed above are very trustworthy, TK and Scotty are both A0 members themselves. So you know you can rely on their skills.
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That's the short reason why, but please do let me know if a master Amethyst 0mega breeding shop is something you'd be interested in seeing from us. As always though, if you do require our services, feel free to PM us as needed. Myself, @RetroTyphlosion, @Tenebris_Kane, and the others are always willing to lend our expertise to any project. Just give us ample notice.

Thanks so much for understanding, everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
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While I agree that there are plenty of shops already, and they are excellent I will say. I would like to see the Amethyst 0mega superstore. I don't know if it would be all the members' pokemon in the same shop thread or what but it would be amazing. (Especially since Scottys and Warrtys are closed)

Honestly I was asking myself yesterday why you didn't have a shop @0kamii. I hope you can do it BUT real life comes first always and if its too much to ask then that's OK too.
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For anyone else looking at this thread and reading 0kamii's and this post I want to say that I am definitely up for giving advice to any breeders out there who need help and as it stands I have been trying to help distribute 6IV ditto's to prospective breeders after joining Wightvoid in his 'Transform the world' venture. However if people do need something bred I know breeders such as myself are more than happy to help and even do some breeding for the members of our little community within Pokémon Forever, but as 0kamii said please give us some advanced warning since we may be busy IRL.  Big Grin


It's fair enough that real life comes first, there have been times where I have struggled to keep up with the forums due to various reasons. With the amount of things you have listed going on in your life it ius no wonder you can't make such a commitment. I am sure everyone else agrees that you do enough by working with the community with the threads you do post and to top it off you also work with the rest of Amethyst Ωmega on monthly giveaways!  Blush

I would definitely not be opposed to a shared breeding thread where Amethyst Ωmega could work together helping the community, it could help cover when individually we are busy IRL. I don't know how it would be run/what would be offered more than our individual threads, but I am always willing to help the community as much as my real life allows. I am not voting at the minute as I don't see an actual need for the shared thread as of yet and I would prefer to see the community's opinion and hear what sort of demand there is for such a thread.


I am not sure about Scotty's plans but last I spoke to Warrty (admittedly this was quite a while ago) he was busy IRL and had to take temporary leave from the forums. From what was said when we last spoke hopefully he will be returning to the forums when he has the time and I am being optimistic, hoping that he may be able to re-open his shop in the future.
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Honestly, shops seem to be less important these days than say last year or even during ORAS. Individual trade threads seem to be the way to go.
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@0kamii I will make you a breeding master thread if you want me to. Do your real life stuff, and I'll manage the thread. You'll still pitch in, but I'm more than willing to just make the thread myself if you can't.
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Well, judging by the people voting on the poll, it seems like the users within our sample size have reason to want a master thread for the guild. I'll have to come up with a chart for what we have to trade for various services, but only the more complicated breeds will require charge. Something like a Hidden Power - Pokémon which is entirely RNG. May require a evolutionary stone, or a battle item if it's on something like a Magnezone? But standard 5 IV mons? Yeah, we can breed those in 10 minutes. No charge for something so basic.

I'll definitely consider it, but for now just stand down and wait for the verdict on next month's giveaway. I appreciate the enthusiasm though, Retro.

You make a good number 2.  Wink

- 0kamii
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@0kamii I agree with you completely. If we do it, we'll have to put out fair prices. IV breeding should be completely free, but RNG based stuff should be at the price of a breedject or two. I also think we should do something like a "Weekly Special" and give away fun sets on random stock breeding mons. I also think we should look at what breeding stock we already have, so we know what we can give out easily, and what will take GTS runs or whatever. I'll share a Google Spreadsheet or whatever with you to figure this out if you want.

And, I will be waiting for that verdict. And, like I said, I'm more than willing to write and manage it myself.

P.S. I've typed "0kamii" so much, it now shows up in my spell check.  Big Grin

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