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Is Salamence Worth It
I know generation five is well......... received worse than other generations. However, the first Pokémon game I ever played was White (got it back in 2011 as a Christmas present, thought I would die of excitement) and I ADORE the games because of all the nostalgic vibes I get every time I play through it again. This time I want to spice it up. I've done Nuzlockes, Ive done Speedruns (Not Very Fun), Ive done egglocke thingies, I even did an Emboar only run - not easy, barely possible, used like four Emboars by the end, but I havent done a mono-type play through. So, to decide the type I did a wonder trade in Ultra Moon and the type I received was-drum roll please-Dragon! I decided on a team of 
However, Bagon is a Hidden Grotto Pokémon. If you didnt know there is only a 20% chance for a pokémon to appear. Bagon is quite hard because it has a 3% chance to appear. Grottos reset every 350 steps or so meaning I could search for a week and not find him. So, I was wondering If I should switch Bagon with a Horsea or even a Trapinch? 

Hi! Im just your average rpg-playing, anime/manga loving, weeb pokemon player. Now a quote from Kaneki-senpai
"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes it needs a monster"
PPS- @TheAlmightySancho is my boi
1) Now Gen 6 is widely seen as the worst generation.

2) Of course Salamence is worth it.
1) Salamence is a god

2) ...

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