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Jouzea's Pokemon Adventures
Jouzea's Diary

Touch down!

After a long flight I finally arrived in Alola, a region comprised by islands. I don't think I'll have problems adjusting to these new islands considering I originally came from Cinnabar Islands back in Kanto. Ahh the good memories coming back, too bad the volcano erupted and we had to move to other regions, I kinda miss my friends in Kanto.

[Image: cinnabar_island_by_greaydragon-d3brhtu.jpg]
photo by greaydragon after the eruption T-T

Reminiscing kinda reminded me to check on my brother, Jouzan. I sent him a picture and inquired when he'll be here. He told me his flight from Hoenn got delayed and he'll probably be here in a few weeks or so. I decided to go sightseeing first and wait for him. I wanted to explore the islands so I can be his tour guide when he arrives.

As soon as I got out of my house, I met this professor.

[Image: 9a4aceabef1c436fdc3e05c2afc3e4c7.jpg]
photo by ろじお

His name is Kukui. He's pretty hospitable just like everyone I met in the region. He showed me around and he's the reason I have my first pokemon in Alola. I learnt that he takes different pokemon attacks head on as he studies about them. I know, it's weird, but that's just his dedication with his craft and for that I respect him.

I went with him to meet this "Kahuna" guy at a town I forgot the name of (sorry I just got here, not familiar with the places yet). I'm still not sure what's the deal with the Kahuna guy, he's name is Hala apparently, but he gave me my pokemon so I'm sure he's cool. He doesn't seem to have a facebook account so I have no picture of him, but he's the same age as Papa (I think, or atleast it's close), white hair, white beard, he seems to have an air in him that makes me feel like he's an important person in the area.

So as I said, Hala gave me three options for my partner. I've never seen any of them before and I've been to many regions. Anyway the first one reminded me of a hoothoot, it's a grass type. The last option had a body of seel but it's blue and has a cute face, well I'm not saying seel isn't cute but I can't think of any description. Obviously it's a water type. I skipped the second one since he's the one I chose. I made my decision as soon as I laid my eyes on him because he reminded me of our late umbreon, Miming. So my new litten inherited the name.

I went around exploring the island with Miming and I noticed that he seems to be rash. As we were walking along route one, he went off and chased this poor youngster's pokemon. Jimmy, the youngster, didn't like it and challenged us to a battle. He sent the pokemon Miming was chasing against us and it reminded me of a rattata. Actually it really looks like a rattata with a mustache. It's black though instead of purple. This trainer reminded me of a famous youngster with his rattata squad back then, Joey. He became famous with his mastery of rattatas and even feared because of his Focus Sash, Endeavor, and Quick Attack Combo. Pretty sure his rattata is in the top percentage of rattatas.

[Image: th?id=OIP.M65685c729fc9df8be13618d771b74...=250&h=250]

We defeated Jimmy and went on our way. We battled some other trainers as well and went undefeated. After a battle against a trainer with a wingull, Miming got wet and I had to use blowdryer to dry him up, he seems to love it. I gave him Pokebeans to eat and petted him every now and then. I think our bond is getting better. Oh, and my father sent me some items I could sell, nuggets, star piece, and the likes. I haven't bought anything with the money yet. Thanks Papa!

I went to the Pokemon school and had to do a challenge, and as of now I have yet to find the third pokemon trainer I have to battle. I got tired so I decided to write this diary instead.

I'll go back to looking for the trainer after resting so I'll end this entry with a picture of me and Miming
[Image: J2J4tx5.jpg]
photo by me

Real Life Notes

Just got my Pokemon Sun! My brother hasn't bought it yet though so he's still playing Alpha Sapphire. That's why Jouzan is still in Hoenn.

I had to soft reset once so I can get a male litten. I named him Miming after my favorite cat ever. He got hit by a truck as he was running away from dogs chasing him T-T. I used to name my umbreon, Miming, but litten is a better fit.

I chose Cinnabar Island as my hometown from Kanto, since I'm a genwunner and I like fire types. Plus the fact that I originally came from a country comprised of 7,107 islands. Islands for the win!

I didn't want to write everything from the story here since all of you may already know all about it, and I don't want to spoil those from Europe. #JusticeforEU

I couldn't source the Joey picture, sorry.

I drew the last photo while waiting for the release of sun and moon. I don't take credit for the background I got it from the net and blurred it a bit. It's been a while since my last artwork, and I'm not that good to begin with. This is my first time drawing in digital drawing (I'm not even sure if that's what it's called). I used Procreate App in my girlfriend's iPad (I don't own any apple products). The app is user friendly and compared to the one I was using before (*cough* Microsoft paint) drawing seems to be more fun and easier.

I also played a bit in the Pokemon Festival Plaza. And I must say, I don't understand how it works. Haha, I'll discover it later on for sure.

So far I'm liking the story. I like how it's not just you choosing the pokemon but also the pokemon choosing you. I love how your mother seems to be involved somehow in the story, she even watched your battle. I like Lillie she seems kind. I ship it. The tutorial may seem to be unnecessary for old Pokemon lovers like me, but I like how it felt natural.

EDIT: Oh I forgot, I'm back! Cheers
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

I eventually met the fourth trainer and defeated everyone who challenged me in the school. I felt like I can go undefeated in this whole island. Well, that's what I thought.

After a while, I went around the city with my two new acquaintances, Lillie and Hau.

[Image: tumblr_o85j37Nj3U1u75iv2o1_500.jpg]
photo by Zunido

They are hospitable just like most of the people I met. They accompanied me to different shops, one of them is a salon shop, where I had a new hairstyle. Lillie gave me a spare Lens Cases so I immediately tried the black one. I also went shopping for different clothes. I really need to thank Papa for the allowance. Here's my new look,

[Image: IA5GCSG.jpg]

Yeah makeover!

After roaming around town, I found myself in front of the Melemele Ferry Terminal, where I came across a familiar face. Well it was hard to forget because he has a pretty face. I also heard people from the school admiring him. I even crushed his house and went to his room. Darn it, I could be mistaken for a stalker when somebody else read those last sentences. But really I didn't have any bad intentions, I was just looking for some items, and his father gave me permission to roam in their house so yeah. My conscience is clear.

[Image: tumblr_of4csd0cHh1qeisqno1_500.png]

My my Illima, if only you were a girl, I would've confessed to you and get rejected right away.

My moment with this cute angel was disturbed by two guys, but I didn't really pay attention to them. I may have battled one of them, who knows. All I remember is when they left, I was challenged to a battle by Illima. My delusion of her him was erased during our battle. Contrary to his prim and proper usual self, he was hyper when we fought. At that moment I accepted the cruel truth that he really is a guy.

Miming was doing good and we even burned his yungoos. It seemed that the burn damage would knock the yungoos out so I decided to give Miming a potion to prepare him for the next battle (I was warned ! was against two pokemon). Illima read my intentions so he gave his yungoos a full heal curing the burn. I asked Miming to just use scratch as any damaging move could finish it and I was trying to save some ember PP, but the yungoos was given a potion to heal.

[Image: 76vXnyq.png]

When Miming finally took down his yungoos, we were already exhausted and I really needed to give him some potion. Illima sent out smeargle, I gave Miming a potion but he was attacked by a water gun offsetting the effects of potion. I was caught by surprise and after two water guns, Miming fainted. I couldn't believe I underestimated a Trial Captain and because of that, we lost.

[Image: smeargle_by_atomism_schism-d5l84m6.png]
photo by atomism schism

When Miming recovered we went to hunt for some pokemon to help us beat Illima and his smeargle. We ran into an abra, and I was so hyped that I threw a pokeball unconsciously. I caught it, but realized that abra only has teleport and won't evolve for a while. Ain't nobody got time for grindin' so we went to hunt another mon. We saw a magnemite and I immediately thought that it's a good counter against water types. As soon as I threw the pokeball, it dawned on me that I was against a smeargle with water gun not a water type mon. We went to a different backyard and there we caught a strange rattata like Youngster Jimmy's. I named it after a friend of mine back in Kanto and decided to use him against Illima. Miming and Crip had trouble cooperating with each other though as Crip kept on trying to bite Miming. It seemed that I needed to train him more before he becomes useful in battle. As the two were fighting, a grimer jumped on us. Maybe we disturbed him or somethin'. The grimer looks different from the ones I've seen before, it looks...weird. Well all grimers look weird anyways, I decided to partner it with Miming instead. I caught it fairly easily, and named it Trebol after one of the Donquixote executives.

[Image: trebol_by_awfulowafalo-d8alsd4.jpg][Image: Mathematic%20Plus2.ico][Image: grimer.png?w=1000][Image: Science-Equal-Sign-2.ico][Image: f9qknd.jpg]

We went for a rematch. I gave Quick Claw and used X Attack and X Defense on Trebol but yungoos leered on him thrice. Trebol still managed to defeat yungoos before falling to a tackle from smeargle. Miming can three shot smeargle with ember but the cancer dog can two hit us. We were hoping for a critical hit. First ember wasn't. Water gun took exactly half of Miming's health. Last hope Ember (with fingers crossed) landed. Nope, no critical hit. At that moment I was still hoping Miming can survive the incoming water gun. Miming was hit head on but he was able to withstand it. With a slither of health left, Miming gave his final ember to finish off smeargle! Woooohooo take that Illima!

Miming and Trebol are resting in the Pokemon Center, so I have time to write things down. And as I said that, here comes the nurse looking for me.

Real Life Notes

I was excited when I finally got to the shop, too bad there were only few choices. I wanted to have a shorter hair but at the moment I think my current hairstyle is okay.

LMAO Team Skull FTW! Grunts A&B were hilarious, love these guys.

I really thought Illima is a girl until I looked at bulbapedia. Really looks like a trap.

I actually did lost against her him on my first try, my ego couldn't accept it so my fingers unconsciously pressed L+R+Select.

I asked my girlfriend what to name abra, and she suggested Diwata (meaning Fairy), because there's a rapper here named Abra and Diwata is one of his songs.

I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

Nurse, uhmm... Joy? She really looks like Nurse Joy from Cinnabar island.

Well the nurse came back and told me Miming is already okay but it'll take longer time for Trebol to recover. Well I expected that much, since he fainted against Illima's smeargle.

Miming and I went to our trial, but I know I'm gonna have a hard time again if I don't have anyone else on my team. So along the way, I caught a growlithe. My previous pokemon partner back in Kanto was an Arcanine. He died from a disease a few years after the volcano erupted and my family evacuated to Kalos. We weren't able to take care of him as we were dealing with my mother's sickness at the same time back then. But this growlithe I caught is the antithesis of Brownie, my late arcanine. He looks and acts derpy! I'm not complaining though it's actually the reason I wanted him.

[Image: prowling_arcanine_by_pvyrus.jpg] [Image: 322451-19.jpg?v=b&1473962645]
Brownie, my late Arcanine by pvyrus vs Doge, the growlithe by KPCOMIX

With the help of Doge, we finished Illima's trial and were rewarded with a crystal and a cool pose. I seem to have faint glimpses in my memory about some thugs trying to disrupt the trial but I can't really recall, maybe they're just forgettable.

Doge fainted in our trial so I ran towards a pokemon center. While I was waiting for him to recover, a lady talked to me about cutiefly and some reward. Before I fully understood what she was saying, the nurse called for my name. She said Doge recovered fast but also warned me to make sure he doesn't stress his body too much. As she was saying that Doge ran out the door. I tried to call him back in his pokeball but the derpdog is just too fast. As I exited the center I heard a woman's scream saying "Route 3!".

Along the road, there were trainers who wanted to battle against me but I just kept on pursuing Doge. I promised to battle them later. In the tall grass, I saw Doge chasing after a small yellow bug pokemon. I threw a pokeball and caught the bug. It seemed that whatever medicine they gave to Doge ran out of effect as his energy got back to normal. He fetched me the pokeball and Roto, the rotomdex, told me I caught a cutiefly, I named it Maki Special.

[Image: 44a.gif]

We finally got to the grand trial, but along the way Doge chased another poor pokemon and he didn't stop chasing it until I caught it. So for the trial I have four pokemon in my team; Miming, Doge, Maki Special (cutiefly), and Nabunot (a yellow cheerleading bird). We passed the trial, but Doge and Nabunot fainted in the process. Nabunot was super effective in the trial as she's a flying type but eventually she went down. Doge leered and leered against the two opposing pokemon to setup the win for Miming. I didn't even use Maki Special as I'm gonna trade her to the lady I met in the Pokemon Center. I earned another crystal and a new pose. I was also given something to ride on a tauros.

I left Nabunot and Doge in the pokemon center as they needed more time to recover. I met the lady again and I offer to trade Maki Special. She probably didn't like the name I gave it so she said she'll just catch one herself. She gave me money for the trouble she caused. I left Maki Special with the two as she seems close to Doge.

I was riding tauros, and he seems to be having fun breaking rocks as he charge. I stumbled upon a cave south of our house and in there I caught another pokemon. I named him Roti, meaning bread.

[Image: new_pokemon_otp_by_gurepyon-da5z8e1.png]
by gurepyon

Miming battled against him so I can weaken it before I catch it as Prof taught me. I planned on using Heal Ball so he can recover the damage we dealt. However, he broke through my only Heal Ball and ran. Me and Miming went to chase him but we were in his territory so he easily lost us. I sat for a while to take a break from running as my feet were really tired. I gave Miming some of my Pokebeans and I took out one of my packed sandwich as well. I was surprised when I saw the pokemon I was trying to catch, peering behind a rock. He seemed to be looking intently at my sandwich. I threw a piece to him, and he was startled at first but soon enough he ate it. Well he sniffed it a LOT before he ate it. I threw a few more pieces slowly making him come closer to me. When he got close enough, I readied a pokeball, but that startled him again. I offered him the rest of my sandwich before he ran away and he gladly accepted it. I felt guilty for trying to sneakily catch him and decided to let him go. As I was returning the pokeball to my bag, he licked my hand and pressed his nose against the pokeball. I softly bounced the pokeball on his forehead and this time, he didn't struggle to break free.

It made me realize, that sometimes brute force, and being cunning, isn't always necessary. Sometimes you just need...

[Image: 5752e2c1aa1f450d508425df5b8f6ef22e6ee605...299828.jpg]

We headed back home, because my stomach was complaining and the only food I had with me was pokebeans. I decided I'll go to the next island. I was preparing to rest after a tiring day, but I remembered the trainers that I promised to fight. I rushed outside and rode tauros to the PMC, where Doge ran away this afternoon. When I got there, I saw a berry tree beside it, that I failed to notice before. Under the tree were some berries. When I tried to get collect the berries, I felt a sharp pain in my face and my vision got dark for a few seconds. When I desperately opened my eyes I saw three silhouettes. My eyes were not functioning properly yet, but I could make out Miming and Roti as the red/black and brown silhouettes, but the blue one I had no clue.

Groggily, I threw a pokeball at it and managed to catch it. With little sense of balance I had left, I went inside the center. I was brought in a room and was given a medicine to ease the pain.

So here I am writing what happened as I wait for my x-ray results. I may have missed a few information here and there as my head still hurts. I'm taking a short rest before I go to the trainers I promised to battle. I wonder what pokemon punched me, guess I'll check with Roto.

Real Life Notes

I just noticed, Nurse Joy in Alola looks different from the one in 6th gen. Well slight difference.

Trebol is just a sub as I already decided on my team. The next pokemon on my team is Rockruff and according to my dex, I can find him somewhere in the cave at the south, but it's blocked and I need Tauros. So I want to rush having Tauros, and avoided battling trainers, to avoid Miming being overleveled. By the way I have my settings at Set and Exp share off. I also run away from wild pokemon unless I wanna catch 'em.

I was surprised when I encountered a growlithe, and before I knew it I pressed Y and selected the Pokeball. Turns out, I really love growlithe.

Oh my gamefreak! I really love Team Skull, they're like team rocket in the anime. They thought it's because they switched places, LOLOLOL

I was doing something else when I talked to the girl requesting for cutiefly, so I wasn't able to read her script, I just picked up the keywords, cutiefly, reward, and route 3. When I got to route 3 I caught one, but I didn't really want to use it in my team.

I tried to dodge the trainer battles because I want to get the tauros as fast as i could.

I caught the yellow bird, but I didn't really want to use it in my team. I just caught it so I can complete the different forms. Aaand it turned out, the next trial was fighting types. Although underleveled, Nabunot did great in the trial. Doge was also underleveled so I just spammed leer to soften the totem pokemon. Miming was also underleveled but he oneshots the totem because of the defense drops.

By the way, when I caught the yellow bird, I asked a friend of mine what to name it and he suggested Nabunot. It's quite famous in the 90's back in our country. There were draw lots and the grand prize are dyed chicks. Nabunot means "got picked"

[Image: 7gvwip]

Maki special is after the japanese sushi. We were eating in a japanese restaurant when I caught it and my girlfriend suggested to call it as her favorite sushi. It's not even a fish.

[Image: img_2796.jpg]

When I got tauros, I rushed towards the cave where i can find a rockruff. The first one I saw was a male, which is perfect, and I was afraid to KO it. I tried catching it in full health, a few pokeballs and a heal ball later, I caught him. I wanted to catch him in a heal ball but oh well. Named him after my dog who recently died from canine distemper. That disease doesn't have a cure but it can be prevented by a vaccine. At the time I didn't know such virus existed so for people who has dogs or planning to have one, make sure your furball is vaccinated.

And when I thought the night couldn't get any better, I caught the 3rd pokemon in my team!!!
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

[Image: tumblr_oca4mk44H71urtd8zo1_1280.jpg]
pic from here

Man this guy can punch!

Nurse came back, and the result showed that I was okay but I was pretty sure I'm gonna have a black eye. I named crabrawler, Kevz, after a friend of mine back in Kanto. My friend used to do the raise one eyebrow thing a lot back then and seeing crabrawler's eyes reminded me of him.

I went straight to the trainers I failed to battle, the first one had a Psyduck. Both Miming and Roti, were at a type disadvantage but I've only met Kevz and he's low level. As expected, the psychoduck stomped my team. Then I remembered the crystal and the pose I received from the Kahuna guy. I gave the crystal to Kevz and embarrassingly danced. Kevz joined me with the dancing and he seemed pumped up afterwards. He went all out and pummeled the duck with raining punches and turned the tide in our favor.

I fought a few more trainers, and I can definitely say they gave me a hard time. In one of the battles, Roti kept on getting burned from the opponent's growlithe. I used all my items that can heal burn; burn heal, full heal, malasada, lumiose thingy. He also only know how to bite, and he seemed getting tired of biting growlithe. He put all his might in his last bite and we defeated the growlithe.

The last trainer I had to fight was an ace trainer, he gave me a lot of trouble. His rockruff set up rocks in the battlefield before Kevz could knock him down. Then he sent out a slowpoke. He covered all my team's weaknesses.

[Image: f20tg7.png]

We did the dance again and Kevz punched him as hard as he could. Slowpoke survived and Kevz went to his pokeball. I was surprised but I noticed that the slowpoke was holding a red card. Miming was dragged out of his pokeball and received a significant damage from the rocks. I asked Miming to lick the slowpoke, but it barely did damage. The slowpoke yawned and made Miming drizzy. Afraid of my cat falling asleep, I called him back and sent out Roti. He too received damage from the rocks but not as much as Miming had. The slowpoke finally used his water attacks but Roti managed to survive. I used a potion to heal Roti as the slowpoke yawn again. Roti was still in high spirit and was not affected by the yawn. Roti bit slowpoke but it still survived. As we were preparing for another bite, the ace trainer gave his slowpoke a potion. From there it was alternating attacks and potions. We managed to come on top and we finally defeated the ace trainer. He gave me a red card like the one his slowpoke used. He's a cool dude.

I finally went back home and decided to call it a day.

Real Life Notes

I set up a rule like most people, to make the game for challenging, because as we all know the game is 2ez4us.

1. Only use each pokemon center once
2. Can't fight wild mons so I won't be overleveled
3. Exp Share Off
4. Set
5. No softresetting for good natures (except for legendaries)
6. No EV training
7. Can't use traded pokemon

I was kinda confident still, but man, these NPCs are tougher than previous gen. At first, I thought the game is obviously harder because my team are under leveled, but that's not all.

The ace trainer used a strategy against me! Stealth rock with red card and yawn to force switches. I used a ton of potions before I defeated that guy! And worst of all, he also used potions. The heck.

I even soft reset against one of the NPC. The lucky poophole had a critical hit against Roti and fainted him. I'm glad I wasn't doing Nuzlocke because that would break my heart
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

I went with Hau, Lillie, and Prof to Akala island. If I remembered correctly, in the seafoam islands "akala" means "thought". I wonder if the origin of the island's name is the same. We were greeted by two ladies, aaaaaand I forgot their names. Anyways, Hau ran off ahead of me, saying he'll finish the island trial before I even get to start it. Lillie, on the other hand, said she'll be meeting someone. Boyfriend, maybe? Lucky guy.

[Image: Lillie.(Pok%C3%A9mon).full.2014187.jpg]
photo by sailorbee

I went to shops looking for new clothes. There, I bought new shoes. I went to the festival plaza and met a guy with an awesome looking bag, he introduced me to his supplier and I bought one! I also decided to wear my eyeglasses as I'm not used to contact lenses yet. Before I took a picture, I saw Lillie heading to probably their meeting place.

I decided to spy on Lillie, to see who the lucky bastard is she's meeting up with. It's not safe nowadays, so I might as well make sure she's okay. I saw her went inside a big building, probably a hotel, *gasp* but I was stopped on my tracks by a couple.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
photo by dave gongora

They asked me a few questions and I answered yes to all of it. Hindsight, I probably should've just said I was in a hurry. The next thing I knew, the guy sent out his slowpoke, waiting for me to send out one of my pokemon. I hate battling with a slowpoke! It covers all my team's weaknesses! But jokes on this guy because I brought Trebol with me.

I sent out Kevz first baiting a psychic type attack. As his slowpoke was attacking I switched in to Trebol, making his first confusion useless. I know, I could've just lead with Trebol, but I wanted to surprise him. Anyways, Trebol took all slowpoke's water gun pretty well and we managed to defeat it. He sent out espeon, but it was no match for Trebol. He only knew quick attacks and I kept healing Trebol whenever his health drops. That kept going on for a while until we finally defeated them and they gave me a box or something. Before they were able to explain what the item was, I was already running towards the building. I know, kinda rude, but I really had to see who Lillie was meeting.

She noticed me as I entered the building, and told me their meeting was cancelled. (-_-)

So, I went back to my quest, which is uhmm... looking for trial captains? Actually I have no idea even now. I took a few pictures of a lillipup and an eevee and learnt that I suck in photography.

Along the way, I saw my boy, Hau, being bullied by some thugs. I saved him from them of course. Poor guy, he kept his composure, but obviously he was affected by the verbal abuse by those weird gang.

I decided to accompany him before we move on to our trial. In the end, we had a date in a cafe in a nearby PMC. It became awkward after a while so here I am writing this diary, to make it less awkward. He's doing his part, he's scrolling his dex up and down, pretending to look for something. Man, I really need to work on my social skills.

Real Life Notes

Man not Slowpoke again! I failed numerous times against Dexio, Miming can't defeat the ugly espeon. I finally gave up and brought Trebol. He stomped those psychic types easily. I sent him back to the PC afterwards, I really need to catch a marowak.

Also I failed to find the artists' sites, I couldn't link them. Sorry, artists. I did put their names though, hope it counts
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

Phew, I finally get to rest!

Hau left after he finished his malasada, we were in a cafe but he still ate it with a coffee. I got a glimpse on his bag and it seems like it's full of malasadas. After eating 4 of his malasadas he ran off and said he'd race me to the trial. Man this guy is really jolly (+Spe, -SpA)

I was thinking of visiting Lillie in the mansion to see if she's okay but decided to make her miss me instead so I went on to the next town. Things happened, and it all seemed like a blur. I know I took some pictures of an eevee and got 1,000 likes or so. I still suck though. Next thing I know I met this curious girl she was staring at some bubbles in the lake. Yeah she's kinda weird.

[Image: lana_by_kurotan_yamadakyo-dacg954.png]
photo by kurotan-yamadakyokurotan-yamadakyo

It wasn't long since I became curious as well and I decided to look into it.

A freaking giant fish jumped on me!

[Image: 177.gif]

I sent out Kevz, as my other pokemons couldn't fight in the water. Kevz fought hard but the size advantage wasn't enough for the fishyfashy and it called some friends. We noticed that as Kevz punch the fish it becomes smaller, we even got it to half the size as it originally were but the alomomola it called healed it, and became bigger again. Whenever we knocked out its friend, it called another one. So we decided to do the weird dance I just learnt and finish off the big fish.

The weird girl was spouting nonsense when I returned ashore then she taught me another weird dance and gave me a crystal. I must admit though she looked cute when she danced. She gave me one of her homemade fishing rod as well. Such nice girl.

I continued running around town until I got to a town with a masked hero. I was hyped seeing the hero. He reminded me of the masked heroes in Kanto and Kalos. But most of all he reminded me of a hero living in our hearts.

[Image: 1480141900454s.jpg][Image: 200px-Dr_O.png][Image: 200px-Blaziken_Mask.png][Image: 585px-Sogeking.jpg]

Along the way I caught a new member of my team, Jepoy, my Cubone. He's named after a friend of mine back in Kanto. When the Cinnabar Volcano erupted, I heard he migrated to Saffron City. Jepoy is brave, he fought against pokemons with higher level than him. I also discovered he doesn't like it when I touch his bone club.

At the moment I'm resting at the foot of a mountain watching Jepoy battle some salandits and magbies.

Real Life Notes

Exam's finally over, I think I passed, I hoped. Results will be announced January, then 10 more exams to go. I can finally play pokemon!!!

I continued my game, and didn't give in to the urge of running around the infinite loop of festival plaza. I hope I'll be able to finish the story soon, can't wait to breed and SOS chain, both seem fun this gen.

Wishiwashi was dope, I love the difficulty when battling it. It seems my self imposed rules are paying off, I'm enjoying the game.

My pokemons Kevz and Jepoy are both named after my real life friends. I live now in another country like my character, so I kinda miss those weirdos. I chose pokemon that fits their yugioh decks back in the day. Kevz had a warrior deck so I settled for a fighting type pokemon. Crabrawler's eyebrows looks like his when he does some impersonation. Jepoy had a mixed deck but his favorite card was a ghost so I chose Marowak. I have another friend, and I already chose a pokemon to represent him, but I'm unsure where i can find the pokemon yet. Oh Crip, my rattata, is named after a friend of mine as well. We used to tease him because he has big two front teeth. He had a water deck though, maybe sandslash was more fitting but I remember Kevz calling him rattata back in the day.

I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

I decided to try out the fishing rod. And surprisingly, I was hooked! (See what I did there?). I spent the whole day fishing. I sent all the magikarps and tentacools that I caught back to the water.

We went hiking afterwards. We met this guy,

[Image: tumblr_ob99jgRB7Q1u5woe4o1_500.png]
photo by 血潮

Man, he is ripped.

It turned out that this guy is also a trial captain. So my team took his trial. Jepoy, although underleveled was up to the challenge. There were a lot of dancing involved. In the end we managed to pass the trial and he gave us a crystal and taught me a new dance move.

After running around town again I came across a grubbin. Originally, I wanted to catch an electabuzz and name it after a friend of mine back in Kanto; but all of my pokemon are all native to this region. At first I thought cubone will be the same as the marowak in Kanto, but then I saw Kiawe's marowaks. They all look different. So, instead of electabuzz, I settled for grubbin. I named it Pepits.

[Image: chibi_grubbin_by_kiiroyasuna-da6cmtl.png]
photo by kiiroyasuna

Oh yeah, did I mention I can ride a freaking charizard now?! I've always wanted to catch a charizard, even back in my hometown. Of course, being the charizard fanboy that I am, I rode him, and we soared above the island. One mini-island caught my attention so we landed there.

It was a pokebean paradise!!

I was excited so I called out all my team and they ate a lot of pokebeans. I think grubbin loved me because of it he seemed too affectionate to me now. I asked charizard to have a feast as well, but he didn't seem to be hungry. After they were full, we went back to the nearest pokemon center to call my other pokemon. I planned to have them experience the others had from the pokebean paradise.

When we arrived, there was a guy who wasn't there before. He told me a few things, I was barely listening though, he probably said he was the caretaker of that island or something. I really should listen to other people when they talk. I sent Nabunot, Maki Special, Trebol, Crip, Diwata, and Doge out. I asked Mr. caretaker to look out for them while I fetch my other pokemon since I can only bring 6 mons at a time. With a smug on his fluffy face, he boasted to me that he has a pc that I can use, just like in the pokemon center. He said his pc is top of the line and is even better than what they used in pokemon centers. Well, when I saw his pc, it was top of the line indeed. But it was top of the line a few years ago. It looked like an old version of what the pokemon centers are currently using. He probably thought I was in awe or something when I saw it as I paused for a bit before booting it up. The pc was taking time to boot up, but I was okay with it, I used an even older version back in Kanto. Mr. fluffyface started blabbering about something, probably telling me how to use it, i don't know I wasn't listening; but all I could focus on was his bangs. It seemed familiar. I didn't want to burst his bubble, but his blabbering really put me in my limit. Anyways, after a few decades, the PC finally booted up, and I withdrew Chica and the popplio I received from wondertrade. I decided to leave them with Mr. familiarbangs as I continue on my trials. I told the boys to be good, especially Doge.

I continued my quest and I'm actually on my trial right now, looking for ingredients or something.

It's getting really dark though, and I can only write this because Roto knows flash. I'm not even sure if I can find anything anymore, I'm kinda tired already. I think I'll probably have a sleepover later with my boy, Gladius. Well, we're really close, I even visited him a while ago at his home, granted he yelled at told me to go out, but I think, yeah we are close. He probably won't mind if I sleepover. Now where did I even first met him again? I kinda forgot.

Oh and I miss Lillie, I wonder if she's okay.

Okay, one last try of looking for the ingredients and then I'm out.

Real Life Notes

Man, I spent too many hours running around the festival before, now I'm spending a lot of time fishing and collecting beans in the minigames. Whoever thought about this island feature, props to you. I love the concept. Now I won't feel guilty for leaving mons to rot in PCs.

Pepits is one of my friend back in my home country, he used to use a rock deck of yugi oh before, but his favorite card in that deck was Zaborg the lightning monarch. So I think electric type pokemon fits him. His deck also had a lot of bugs, like man-eater bug, so bug/electric is a better fit than electabuzz.

My team is all level 23-24 right now, and I'm just running around the grass in the ingredient trial. Randomly clicking A because sniffing stoutland walks slooooooow. I managed to find two ingredients using this method.

BTW CybertronZheng, Wolfe, and Ashton Cox participated in the european tourney last week. I was rooting for them, sadly none of them got in the top cut. Games were close and fun to watch though, especially Ashton's match. There was diversity in everyone's team, but the two finalists had 3 same pokemons on their teams: Celesteela, Arcanine, and Gastrodon. Garchomp with poison jab, Gyarados and Salamence with Zmoves were also common, of course Tapus Lele, Bulu, and Koko showed up as well. There were a lot of fun pokemon and strategy in the tournament.
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

Scumbag Gladion didn't let me stay in his room, good thing a good guy, who dreams of opening a park of ancient pokemon, helped me out. He let me sleep in his trailer. Next morning I continued my trial.

I had trouble finding the miracle seed, even when I used stoutland it still took me some time before I found it.

I was up against this mon for the trial

[Image: 31872a8fad193538efd6a8a39c404553.jpg]

And man did she give me trouble. I sent out Miming against her, since we have the type advantage. A lesson I learnt from my previous battle against totem pokemon, is to KO them as fast as possible so they won't be able to call allies. (*Wishiwashi flashbacks*) So we went all out at the beginning of the trial. I did the fire dance thingy but before I was able to finish Lurantis attacked Miming. Miming took her attack well and managed to use the strong fire move and we knocked out Lurantis just like that.

Of course not! She took it better than I thought she would (it only did 1/4 of her HP T-T)

Aaand she called castform. Now I know castform would call a sunny day to double lurantis speed due to chlorophyll, but a sunny day could also help Miming deal more damage. I asked Miming to flame charge so we can boost his speed to match lurantis' next turn.

Lurantis, attacked again, but it didn't KO Miming, I was okay with the damage thinking I could use a potion to heal him up. Miming used flame charge and brought lurantis' health in to a pinch. I was surprised castform was slower than Miming.

Castform then moved, and sunny day didn't turn up, instead it freaking water gunned Miming. Seriously, darn this castform. So Miming fainted and I sent out Pepits. My plan was to paralyze lurantis using thunder wave to hinder her speed because for sure sun will come up.

Lurantis attacked Pepits, who survived. Thunder wave went out but surprise surprise, the freaking mantis had leaf guard! FeelsBadMan

Then castform used sunny day. ugh seriously darn this castform. Next turn, I asked Pepits to spark hoping to paralyze lurantis that way, Pepits knew he would be a sacrifice for the greater good. Aaaand bam, the freaking mantis synthesized. BibleThump This thing is a grass type????? I thought for sure it's a bug well because she looks like one! (Nintendo PLS).

She had her health back up castform attacked Pepits. All my remaining mons were weak to grass type: Jepoy, Kevz, and Roti. I sent them one by one to be laser sworded by the freaking mantis that isn't a bug type. I got rekt.

I rushed to the pokemon center (in tears) as the trial captains laughed at my performance.

Round 2, my strategy was to flame charge until I'm faster than everyone and it went smoothly.

We were tired so we decided to take a break afterwards.

Real Life Notes

I learnt that Jurassic Park was shot in Hawaii, thus the guy was recreating JP pokemon version. Nice easter egg.

I spent hours looking for miracle seed, I thought there was an area I failed to search. Darn that stupid seed. I managed to find it at work. I was actually busy that day but I couldn't get my mind off of that stupid seed.

Man, first time against lurantis, I got rekt.
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

A lot of things happened! I finally reunited with Lillie. And I got introduced to another Professor. She seemed to be very close to Prof Kukui and a fan of Masked royal.

[Image: 0a7.jpg]
photo by senpuuki (lince0713)

She said she was studying wormholes or something. I did pay attention this time while she was explaining, but I just couldn't understand what these wormholes are. Apparently, she found Lillie ashore and was helping her since then. What an awesome lady!

I met malasada head again. Seriously, I think he's sick. His malasada addiction is getting out of hand. He was even eating one while on his trial!

Oh yeah we both challenged the Kahuna Lady. She's really pretty! I couldn't believe she's still single. Somebody should ask for her hand already.

She didn't gave me trouble, Kevz handled her rock types pretty well, especially because he powered up his punches since the beginning of the trial. Hau took the trial after me, I bet he had it easy as well as his partner is a grass type owl.

I got to talk to Lillie after my trial but I was really not good at conversation. There were times I found myself just smiling at her. And people say I have a creepy blank stare grin.

Before it got totally weird, Hau came to my rescue. He initiated the conversation like a pro, and we had a great chat.

Hau mentioned that he was invited to a foundation by a strange guy. I was also invited by probably the same guy before I got to my Hakuna battle. We invited Lillie but she said she'd rather stay.

So now I'm stuck with malasada head again. If only Lillie came instead. It's my second date with Hau.

Real Life Notes

Hakuna Battle was 2ez4Kevz. I'm really loving Hau's character and now I'm curious what malasada tastes like.

Having a married professor is a first. I've seen pictures of Prof Burnet having a lighter skin, I'm unsure exactly what game, but she was apparently a past character.

[Image: bb58b06bf0bbe62a2260d293efb47e45.jpg]

Oh, I played my XY and ORAS again to receive my meloetta and the chibi versions looked weird after playing sun and moon.

[Image: b621d42c17a4520f09d0fb02fbbf6023.jpg]
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

Jouzea's Diary

My date with Hau went as I thought. Weird things happened. We met awesome people in Aether foundation, whose names I don't even remember. But yeah, they are awesome. I didn't know Hau was into older woman, well the older woman seemed to like being flattered. *Gasp* maybe Hau is just smooth with the ladies. Darn it, I need to be careful with this guy.

[Image: cebfe92dd442d08acf2fdcad2b7a71d2.jpg]

So, one of the Aether ladies helped us get into the new island.

And through fate or destiny, I met Lillie again. She asked me to come with her to shop for clothes, and in my head I was thinking finally a date with Lillie. Before we go though she commented on my hair getting longer so I excused myself to have a haircut. I went for the caesar cut. I actually asked to dye my hair white but immediately regretted it so I had it dyed back to black.

Confident, I came looking for Lillie. I looked in the stores but I couldn't find her. I saw her outside of the library, and she told me she already went out shopping because she thought I was busy. </3

Then, she told me that, she actually liked my hair longer that's why she commented on it. WutFace.

If only there's a salon I could go to where they can grow my hair longer in an instant.

I went back to training after a while. I visited the paradise island just to see how my other pokemon were doing, and I was surprised to see other pokemon playing with them. One was a drifblim and the other is a pyukumuku. And caretaker dude told me that the two seemed to wanna join my pokemon. Meh, wynaut? I named them Baloongus and Yaki.

My pokemon team went on to battle trainers on different routes and soon enough, they evolved!

Jepoy is a marowak now. He is livelier than ever.

Miming became torracat while Roti evolved to a lycanroc. I love them and they're still the same guy, but they don't want to high five anymore. T-T. We used to that a lot before.

Pepits is now a school bus with cool shades.

And Kevz, well he's still the same.

[Image: tumblr_obno20MPRr1ra4jk8o1_1280.png][Image: Torracat.full.2043386.jpg][Image: lycanroc_by_tinyteadrinker-dakehlj.png][Image:]

Jepoy by neganeon; Miming by ライル; Roti by TinyTeaDrinker; Pepits by Tatan

Prof Kukui introduced me to another friend of his. I think he's a professor too, but I'm not sure. They said he's like the counterpart of our Bill in Kanto. So, he turned himself to a Pokemon once as well?

[Image: tumblr_oi7c8nloCk1uqwxkfo1_500.png]
by rip

He also challenged us to a battle and we managed to defeat him. He did gave us a challenge though.

Then I met the guy running the festival, apparently, he's a captain so I challenged his trial.

I got rekt.

When the totem pokemon vikavolt showed up, I thought I'll be able to handle it.

Miming was my lead with a type advantage, but he was already tired fighting a bunch of charjabugs. I used super potion to heal him up, while the totem called backup. A charjabug showed up. I know it had the ability that boosts its teammate. I know also that the totem had all of its stats raised. I thought it wouldn't matter since I could just knock it out. I asked Miming to bite the totem pokemon with his fiery fangs, but the totem managed to avoid it (darn that 95% accuracy!)

The totem charged hoping to double its electric type damage next turn, while the freaking annoying boy backup used mud slap. Freaking goodluck with me hitting the fire fang now. As if blinding Miming was not enough, the backup paralyzed Miming through thunder wave right after the totem nuked Miming. Of course Miming couldn't move that time.

I decided to bring in Jepoy, because you know, he's a fire type now. Vikavolt attacked and BAM cursed body! Sorry can't touch this. Backup slapped some mud again and lowered Jepoy's accuracy, which was already not that good in the first place, but then double BAM curse body again!. Yeah can't touch this suckas.

So while laughing menacingly (actually just grinning like a dufus), I told Jepoy to utterly destroy the totem pokemon with his fire. Jepoy just looked at me like I'm crazy or something. Turned out he didn't learn any fire moves when he evolved so we're stuck with his bone attacks and a headbutt. Since his accuracy was lowered I decided to use the dance move to amplify his focus energy. Z FOCUS ENERGEH!!! (+1 Accuracy and more chances of critting) Vikavolt charged again, guess this totem only knows one attack. And the backup used string shot. Seriously?! You annoying ugly pokemon! *Ouch*

No, Pepits I was pertaining to the backup guy, you're cool.

Then we go for the attack. Go bone thingy attack! Aaand it did nothing. Freaking vikavolt just levitated off the ground and bone attack didn't hit. That's freaking cheating! I didn't know this bug can levitate! The levitating bug charged again increasing its special defense for the nth time, like I care, all of my mons are physical attackers anyways. (Such balanced team). Most disguting pokemon of the year nominee continued to annoy the hell out of me when it used thunder wave to Jepoy.

I called out Roti, so I can atleast deal some damage. But the duo then got released from the curse of Jepoy's beautiful ghost body. Vikavolt charged, wait he max SpDef now? Backup shot some strings and lowered Roti's speed.

I went for the damage and I danced the cool rock dance (yeah flex!) to improve his new learned attack (thank God, Roti learnt a new move when he evolved unlike some pokemon) but it didn't work. What?! I can only danced once in a battle? No way! Tierno from Kalos danced a lot! Roti got rekt after that.

Then Miming got rekt.

Then Jepoy.

Then Pepits. I thought they'd show mercy seeing as they're the same specie but nope he got rekt the same.

Finally, Kevz also got rekt gracefully.

So yeah, now, I 'm looking at fire type TMs I can teach Jepoy, but I only have flame charge.


Real Life Notes

I hate charjabug
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

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