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LF: zygarde english. FT: mew, or other requested pokemon that i have.
i know it really is horrible, who loses a legendary!? 
and i have no idea any number of things could have happened its been two years since i started back playing and from the looks of things everything is accounted for besides my zygarde. 
maybe i kept it in pokemon bank when my pass expired,
maybe it was lost while i was trading myself it via gts while completing my pokedex two years ago,
worst case and most unlikely case is that i could have even over written it by resetting my saved alpha sapphire game.
i honestly cannot say, its just gone, i looked everywhere for it, im so mad, but luckly im in the position that i have many good pokemon to trade for it. im a bit stubborn because i can easily just play through ultra sun and get it, or just wait for the shiny distribution. but i feel incomplete unless i can get it on my 6th gen copy. i have multiple legendaries, multiple mythicals, and multiple extra masterballs and dusk stones. i have a complete gen 6 pokedex i just want my english zygarde back.
alright i have my zygarde back, thank you so much, i finally feel complete now.

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