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[LOOKING FOR] A couple of things, please
Do you need any special IV's I should bottle train?
I'm back again.
No I can do that @Mr. Ultracool

Also you didn't get back to me about what legendary Pokemon you're specifically looking for
I review Anime
I really don't care as I think they all are great Tongue
I'm back again.
@Mr. Ultracool Ok, well I have Deoxys I don't need, do ya want that?
I review Anime
Sure, I love Deoxys! The Xurkitree is done now, but I don't know whether I can trade or not... Sad
I'm back again.
@Mr. Ultracool Ok, I'll go to the Plaza now, trading should not be a problem
I review Anime
Thank you for your awesome Deoxys!
I'm back again.
@Mr. Ultracool Thank you!
I review Anime
i also haave extras of these kickin around

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