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[LOOKING FOR] A few Island Scan pokemon
IVs don't matter, level doesn't matter, I'd love love to have these Pokemon to get breeding with. I'm usually busy during the week, which makes it hard for me to get these island scan pokemon on my own.

I can offer in trade for them:
- HA Eevees
- HA Mareanies
- HA Rockruffs
- HA Stuffuls
- HA Gibles

Island Scan Pokemon I'd like (either in their baby form, or the form you can find them in via island scan!)
- Shinx
- Cyndaquill
- Totodile
- Togepi
- Starly
- Snivy
- Litwick

Thank you so much!!

I can breed you:


(all of the requested ones except for starly)

In exchange, i would be happy with just recieving a HA Stufful and a HA eevee, and whatever else you want to trade.

Add me by fc and PM me if you want to trade Smile
I have a Cyndaquil for you if you'll toss me an Eevee.

EDIT: It doesn't have a good nature, not sure if that's important.
I have Togepi breedjects, I'd be happy to trade one for a HA Mareanie! I'm also going to breed my Serperior later today, so I can also get you a Snivy.

I also have Staravia, I wasn't planning on breeding it right away but I can do that as well!
@Mertzstache I already got the snivy, but I'll take everything else there! I need to breed another Stufful, so give me a few mins. I'll add your FC rn before I start breeding.

@Mutt I'll take the Staravia/Starly!! I'll breed another Mariene after I trade with Mertz. I'll add your FC now too as well!

I'll PM you both whenever I'm ready. Smile My IGN is Lucas.
@geetry, would you mind trading with @Mutt first, breeding me a starly, and trading it for one of my pokemon? (I am looking for one as well, but if its too much work, I understand)
@Mertzstache yes, that's fine! I have the Stufful ready, but now I'll go get the Mareanie done.
Thank you for the trade @geetry ! +1 rep. Smile

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