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[LOOKING FOR] Celebi codes (NA/PAL), FT: Genning, editing, cloning, shinies and events!
(Nov 13, 2017, 12:32 PM)Drangor2 Wrote: ok, i will pm you code once i know you online and still want to do

and if possible in a good unique nature that is not common

if too much let me know and you can just redeem it into only jpn tag with vid proof that you think will be god

(but it must be nft, cause for now its rare to find this one)

I am at school now and would be back in about 6 hours
6 hours?

hmm, that is late here very late, good thing i dont have to go somewhere, though i need to start going earlier to sleep cause i just get problems in irl when i stay up too much (in 3 hours its morning i think)

i might check with my phone sometimes

though i can only send code with computer
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