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[LOOKING FOR] HA Alolan Vulpix and HA Alolan Sandshrew

Pokeball: Any
Gender: Any
Lvl: Any
EV's: Any
IV's: Any
Nature: Any
Shiny: No

(Vulpix with "Freeze Dry" would be amazing)
Thanks in Advance :D
Offers? I have tons of Alolan Vulpix, both breedjects and 5IV.
Saffari - BUG: Combee, Volbeat, Pinsir
TSVs - 3498 (Sun) - 3217 (Moon)

Hojunhu's Bizarre Bazaar
Yo o/
I can give you a Vulpix lvl 1 Timid nature with hidden ability + Freeze Dry and 5IV (only attack will be crap).

I'm searching for a Torkoal with Erupt + Drought (Switch In with Sun)
Hit me up if you have one o/
Otherwise w/e is fine

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