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[LOOKING FOR] Hidden Abilities
Hello i am looking for

Venipede with HA
Scraggy with HA
Klink with HA
Bunnelby with HA

Useful/competitive Egg Moves would be great.

IVs, nature etc do not matter.

I have a lot of things to offer. Event mons like shiny Zygarde, Jirachi, Darkrai, Genesect, Victini, Keldeo, Celebi, Dianci, Hoopa, Zekrom, Deoxys, mew, regigigas...
Also flawless Zapdos with HP ice, shiny naive Blaziken with HA and HP ice, Latias, shiny HA perfect timid Noivern, shiny jolly perfect Lucario ... (obtained from giveaways on Nuggetbridge)
I have a Snorlax, Qwilfish and Weavile in a dreamball, Gliscor in a nest ball and Dragonite in a quickball, all with HA.
Just ask for something.

Sun/Moon only, no nicknames on non-breedable mons and no hacked mons please
sorry i don't use discord.
can tell me what pokemon u wan through private message and i only can help you in this timing ><
thanks but i already got them now Smile

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