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[LOOKING FOR] Hidden Abilities [SS]
Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone would happen to have one of these HA Mon to trade:
Indeedee (F), Galar Meowth, or Swinub

I have a few hidden ability mons myself that I would be willing to trade including:
Riolu, Falinks, Farfetched, Ralts, Darumaka, Rufflet, Cufant, Jangmo-o, Scraggy, Sableye, Duraludan, Amper, Hats, Snom, and a few others.

If anyone is interested in trading (or knowing what else I got) feel free to "@" me or send a PM Smile

Update: Got a snom! Thanks @Hojunhu
I could definitely try hunting some, if you'd like me to.
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@RetroTyphlosion Thanks, but unless it's somethin' that also interests you or you stumble upon it then it's fine, but thank you. I'm also lookin for um so if I find anything I'll update the original post Smile
I got Snom @wpendragon
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