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[LOOKING FOR] Hidden Power Ice Ditto
Does anyone have a Ditto with an IV spread good for Hidden Power Ice that you could give me? I'm trying to breed a Manectric with Hidden Power Ice.
Does legality matter?
@moo311 It doesn't matter. I'll just use it to breed and then that other Pokémon will be legal.

Can you trade me one Saturday?
Sure, do you also care about the legality of the ha piplup? If you don't, I can get you one

I can trade late today, time zone is est (gmt -6)
I finally got the Piplup so no need to worry about that one.

For the Ditto though, I'm in Eastern Time too. Can you trade around 3pm?
Sure, I can trade that time tomorrow
I'll be in the road that time tomorrow unfortunately. Maybe around 7pm?
I can try 7 PM

If we can't find a great trade time, we can just do gts
Cool. Thank you
Sorry, something came up. We could set up another time or just gts, whichever you prefer.

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