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[LOOKING FOR] Shiny Eevee
I need two shiny eevee's one Male and one Female preferably with the ability adaptability. I can show you my box and help you fill out your pokedex I don't have any of my shiny's from X and Y or Oras unless you'd like to have the shiny's or legendaries from them in exchange for the eevee's and we'll just make two trades or so..yeah either way thank you so much if you do help me and thank you once more.

MY FC: 1478-4608-0345
I have some shiny Eevees....
If u build it they will come... 
i could probably get you a shiny eevee if you can get me a palkia/manaphy~
(Apr 19, 2017, 04:12 PM)StarryEevee Wrote: i could probably get you a shiny eevee if you can get me a palkia/manaphy~ 

I don't have either ;~; I'm sorry
(Apr 19, 2017, 10:07 AM)Blazedanfaded88 Wrote: I have some shiny Eevees....

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