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[LOOKING FOR] looking for pokemon If you got extra can breed me 1?
(lvl 1 don't mean really need lvl 1 can be other lvl as well accept for Magearna )

-Miltank ability:Sap Sipper
-Kangaskhan ability:Inner Focus

--looking for this trade(i need it just for my event special pokemon)--
-Magearna (lvl 50) Event ball
Nature: Modest
Abilities: Soul-Heart
Held items:Leftover
-Fleur Cannon
-Flash cannon
-lucky chant
-helping hand
what do you want for these pokes exatcly
collection and battle?
anyone really can help this?
(let me do something in pokemon plz)
My suggestion to you is to find one of these Pokemon yourself, breed extras and trade for the others you need. Most people, if not all people, will not just give you free hidden ability pokemon.
i tried... the whole day still cant find one.... Sad
(right now resting...)
cleared 1 of the pokemon at the list....
I have a HA sandshrew and HA vulpix if you want. What can you offer to trade?
for the time that i have HA eevee and HA slowpoke Smile
I have an entire box of each starter if you want.

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