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List of trades
Can we possibly trade around 1pm - 3pm friday ?
@JoeBoss23 If you can, I can trade this weekend around 6 PM EST on Saturday or Sunday, whichever you prefer.
@Remi380 I can trade this weekend around 6:30 PM EST on Saturday or Sunday, whichever you prefer.
ill be online for both just to be sure lol so long as you're planning on being online for both of them, if not well migt as well go for saturday
Yo @moo311 hit me up when you are good to go, thats assuming you wont have anything IRL come up and take you're attention away from pokemon on this fine saturday :p
ok so we are about half hour past I think if google hasnt failed me :p any how ill be on all night and same with tomorrow
@JoeBoss23 @Remi380 @bendikr @Tony I thought that something might come up today, so I made sure to ask if you were able to trade tomorrow. Something did come up so I'll be available Sunday.
Word bro take as much time as you need
Just letting you know im on and ready
@JoeBoss23 I'm at FP. Are you using USUM or SM?
Hey are you still around I had to step out ill be on moon bro

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