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List of trades
6:30 PM Monday, Eastern Time (ET) is3:30 PM Monday, Pacific Time (PT)

@moo311  so this is what I got lol, but ill be onlne 2hrs prior anyways
@JoeBoss23 Ok, so I'll be on at 6:30 pm est.
@moo311 Just checking in, 2 hours before, just in case! It's 2 PM here now.
Just lettin you know im on and ready as well master moo Big Grin
I am having serious connection issues also i think its the right time? I will deposit something into GTS tho just incase
Pokemon Deposited: Bagon
Name: Bagon
Message: please trade with me thanks in advance

this is here just incase for a fail safe

@JoeBoss23 I was also having some connection problems. I'm on now if you got them fixed.
im running smooth for the time being @moo311
@moo311  Ok im on the fp and have u added on my DS send trade when ready
Hey @moo311, just let me know when you guys are done and you're ready!  Big Grin

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