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Looking for Escavalier
TL:DR; Looking for a 31 Attack Escalavier with brave or adamant nature, could trade for a female Riolu / Lucario for breeding

Hey guys! I'm planning on creating my very first Battle-Team! I'm new to competitive and I wondered if you could help me? I'm looking for an Escavalier with 31IV on Attack and a brave or adamant nature (no IV on speed if possible, trying a Trick Room team)

It could also be a Karrablast with those stats of course, I think I'd be able to obtain a Sheet. Ability doesn't really matter, as all of the abilities are okay, Swarm is also usefully at one point I guess! 

I play on Alpha Sapphire cause I really like the DexNav function to essentially catch Pokemon with high IV's (Is there something similar in Sun? I've only tested it and played a few hours, but I don't really like Sun / Moon and X / Y, personal preference I suppose :/, have played all generations so far though

I could trade for a Riolu with 31 IV on Attack and Spped and a Naughty nature, also 0 IV's on Special Defense, so onehit by a strong Special Attacker I fear, I'm breeding Riolu's right now tho, so there will be better ones soon! Also have one with 31IV on attack and adamant nature, or just a female Riolu for breeding yourself

Sorry for the long post, ugh

P.S; also looking for a 6x 31IV Ditto

In answer to you7r question of whether there is a similar way to dexnav to get better IV's, for getting better IV's in sun/moon generally people use SOS chaining as you can guarantee the Pokémon you catch will have 4 'best' (max) IV's. Sun/moon also has the bonus of allowing you to visibly see the IV's of any Pokémon without needing to get them checked which is why a lot of people breed in gen 7 now
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