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[MUSIC] I'm Bored So Here's a Recommendation
I'm just bored and chilling while listening to TheAlmightyMixtape V2 (I should upload that at some point), and I just wanted to share this one artist I really like with everyone. He's called Aviators (no, not Aviator) and he does a massive variety of songs which are generally inspired by films and games. It goes from cheery songs and romantic songs to suddenly hitting you with dark gothic music and quite creepy melodies.

My personal favourites he's made are "The Watcher" (which is where my signature's from), "Welcome To Paradise" and "The Villain". The first is a dark song, the second is more upbeat but still a bit dark, and the third is cheerier than you'd expect. 

His inspiration goes from films like the James Bond series and the TV series Dexter, to games like Fallout and FNaF (don't "dead meme" me yet, some of those songs are alright) and he's got a lot of things based on MLP stuff, though personally I've never listened to any of them.

He's got his own website if you want to take a look at his music, although my link for it has deleted itself. If you've got some spare time then I'd definitely recommend having a look at his music. I was mainly listening to his music this afternoon to take a break from the fact I've had tests at speaking in 3 different languages, all in a row, and I needed something to chill out to.

- Keep chilling, or at least try your best
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I listen to my main 3 categories and rarely leave them: Nightcore, classic country (the good kind), and Rock/metal. Exceptions do occure though. Also, Ill be checking him out because sometimes I find a diamond in a field of crap.
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ
South winds fill the air tonight 
A cold heart's lullaby 
An icy figure walking 
Through the city I called mine 
A stream of ghastly voices 
Fill the children's hearts with fear 
But no one dares to harm them 
For even evil left us here 

Hollow paradise 
A place of spirits and of ice 
The lights have long burned out 
But still the echoes give us light 
Trapped inside a hall 
With my portraits on the wall 
The faces stare right back 
As I hear the watcher's weary call 

Still unsure what brought me here 
I wander in the dust 
A whisper in the wasteland 
Carries through these fields of rust 
He calls a boy to follow him 
To a staircase up and down 
He says they're moving onward 
For they're sailing heaven bound 

I asked the watcher 
Where I'm going from this place 
His faceless smile expressed 
It's a journey to embrace 
I'm not wicked man 
But I fear the cells below 
He showed me to a door 
Where it leads I cannot know

Wow this is good @TheAlmightySancho (my tagging thing is not working well :\ )
Yeah, even without the lyrics the tune of that song is just brilliant.
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