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[MUSIC] Musical Questionaire
(Jul 17, 2017, 09:16 AM)0kamii Wrote: 4) What would be the best Pokémon - Themed Band name?

My Chemical Salamence.

I have redeemed myself...

- 0kamii
Red Hot Chili Pelippers
How does King Crimson work?

Also my own answers are:

1) Rock (Hard Rock/Alternative/Classic)

2) Currently playing piano, electric bass guitar, and acoustic guitar. I also sing sometimes.

3) The Beatles / David Bowie / Queen / Stevie Wonder

4) Audinoslave
How does King Crimson work?

I love punk/pop punk mainly but anything with a guitar in it I'll like.

I have played the guitar for about 9 years and dabble a bit in drums.

favourite band would have to be blink 182, I just love everything they do including all their side projects(+44 and box car racer), their new stuff with Matt skiba and Tom delonge's band angels and airwaves.


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