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[MUSIC] Musical Questionaire
(Jul 17, 2017, 09:16 AM)0kamii Wrote: 4) What would be the best Pokémon - Themed Band name?

My Chemical Salamence.

I have redeemed myself...

- 0kamii
Red Hot Chili Pelippers
Shimono Hiro!

Also my own answers are:

1) Rock (Hard Rock/Alternative/Classic)

2) Currently playing piano, electric bass guitar, and acoustic guitar. I also sing sometimes.

3) The Beatles / David Bowie / Queen / Stevie Wonder

4) Audinoslave
Shimono Hiro!

I love punk/pop punk mainly but anything with a guitar in it I'll like.

I have played the guitar for about 9 years and dabble a bit in drums.

favourite band would have to be blink 182, I just love everything they do including all their side projects(+44 and box car racer), their new stuff with Matt skiba and Tom delonge's band angels and airwaves.

1) To be honest, I have mixture of favorite generes, but I must admit that I like Big Band and modal Jazz in particular. Anything past the year 2000 will be hit or miss for me. Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Classical, and Video Game soundtracks are also some other favorites. I enjoy Big Band because it is very upbeat, has a good variety of instruments, and is quite enjoyable to listen to.

2) I have played Ukelele 4 years now (though it's been awhile since I've played regularly or in public). I also picked up French Horn very briefly, and thinking about trying to learn Trumpet.

3) [Alton] Glenn Miller is a favorite of mine. Sadly, a plane that was carrying him went missing over the English Channel on December 15th of 1944. Though his time here was brief, his music was and is still loved to this day. 

4) Meloetta's Midnight Orchestra
1. Jazz for sure. Although Pop music is great too
​2. I can play a little bit of piano and drums

3. Favorite band is Backstreet Boys but my favorite artist is Bob Ross Kappa  {Shania Twain btw}

4. Twenty-one Piloswines

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