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Mobile View Solution Temporary V1
Hi all, just like title says, i will post below a step guide on what might help ya out a bit with viewing the site Fully:

Firefox Users

Download the App firefox via the playstore/appstore

Step 1) Open Firefox.

Step 2) Click on the 3 black spots at the top when inside a window (like

Step 3) Scroll down until you see " request Desktop site"

Step 4) Click on it and wait, Tadadada you see now the site fully on phone

Did it not work ? Post a comment and let me know what you see , and we solve it together !

Chrome Users (To be updated)

This is for Chrome users only:

Step 1) Click on your App "Chrome"

Step 2) When inside a window like click on the Three black spots at top right.

Step 3) Scroll down until you see "Request Desktop "

Step4) Click on it and wait until you see a change of screen

Not working ? Post your question below and then we see what can be done.

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