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Moving on
I'm sorry to inform you that I will no longer be a part of this awesome community. I've hosted giveaways for years now and it's been an amazing experience, being able to interact with so many different people with different personalities. I've loved it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am leaving because I no longer feel joy from hosting giveaways and pokemon in general. The franchise and community have helped me through different hardships and obstacles, but as I dedicate more time to other things, such as an education and family/friends, I feel farther away from pokemon. You may still see me from time to time poking in, seeing how everything is going, but for the most part, this is goodbye. Good luck to those hosting giveaways and have fun doing so, but don't let them control your life.

Thank you all for the amazing support and this wonderful experience.


We will all miss u @moo311  I have enjoyed the mons u have gave me very much and hope u have a great life even if not doing giveaways. Big Grin
Best giveaways! You will be missed :'(
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
@moo311 I will always remember your amazing giveaways. Till we meet again
Good Luck!!!! IRL is always more important than the internet~

To be personally, I enjoy hosting giveaways because it allows me to interact with many people from different countries and learnt about their cultures. When I just started distributing Pokemons in Reddit 3 years ago. I have zero knowledge in American or European culture. But now, I have learnt more about American culture such as Bernie Sanders. Yes, I have posted a lot of Bernie Sanders memes/YTPs in the Discord Channel. I have also encountered with other Europeans such as French, Elly, I know you are still here. :P

And I will be hosting another giveaway soon~
What is a signature and how do I get one?
Will miss you
@moo311 Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! We will miss you a lot Smile
 ~ Always ready to fire up the party! ~ 
good bye may we see you again sometimes Smile
@moo311 Thank you for everything. I might be late for this but still I thank you for all those giveaways. God Bless.
Oh @moo311 TTA TT I don't know what's sadder seeing you go or seeing how few people said goodbye to what was the cornerstone of this site TTA TT when I left we lost a big piece but with you gone the site seems so lifeless now, best wishes in everything that comes your way and I can't express the respect I had for you as a peer and appreciation I have as one of your customers. Sorry to get so long winded but I genuinely will always remember you everytime I see the shinies you created for me Smile take care man ~
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
All your Hidden Ability needs in one place <3

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