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My Official Return to PokemonForever

Hi friends, I'm pleased to announce that after my almost 3 month hiatus I am officially back to PokemonForever. I missed the forums, but I needed the time away. I'm happy to be back and I can't wait to discuss more stuff with everyone.

Why the Hiatus?

Around late August I realized I wasn't doing much that could be seen as productive in the slightest, quite frankly I was in a rut. I wasn't feeling happy, and Pokemon just wasn't doing anything for me at the time. There were short bursts of enthusiasm I got here and there, but they never lasted. I started properly job searching since my leave, but my depression was heavily kicking in, and it wasn't until last month I finally got sense kicked into me, and now I'm feeling a lot better.

What will you do now?

While my real life has become busier since my leave, I plan to be really active on the site, starting with a brand new series I've made called "Let's Flip the Meta" in which we look at possible changes to Competitive Pokemon in Gen 8 and beyond. My first thread in this series can be found here where I look at a new Gameplay Mechanic Gen 8 could use. Of course I'll cover all the official Pokemon news like I used to, and maybe a few giveaways here and there.

At the end of the day, I'm really happy to be back and I'll do my best to contribute to the site's growth and succes! I really look forward to speaking with everyone soon.
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Now, here I want to say hi to a few friends..
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Well have an official welcome back from me! I've been busy moderating stuff on Reddit and Discord but I've tried to pop in here whenever I can. Plus, exams and college studies keep turning up and keeping me away as well.
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