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[NEW MEMBER] Come here for Gen 6 trading and battling!
Big Grin 
Any who want to trade or battle in Gen 6, preferrably ORAS, this is your lucky day! Even though I'd prefer ORAS, XY is still fine. Every post will be reviewed for trades and battles! I will send PMs out to those who comment. In the PMs we will discuss trade/battle times! If we agree on the times and dates, we will exchange friend codes to be able to interact. It will take at least 4-7 days to confirm a time and date. This will end when this November Meet-and-greet ends. This will be reposted in the next Meet-and-greet (December). I hope to see you all! Bye!
Welcome to the website! Glad to see someone still trading/battling in the gen 6 games Smile
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You can catch me online at 7-9 PM EST almost every day

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