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[NEW MEMBER] Hello. Or should I say "Alola!"
Alola! how are you? 

My name is Dan. I have been playing pokemon since pokemon XY came out. Big fan. I have known about this website for some time now but never really got into joining it. But after reading some threads and really getting help from them, I thought why not try and become a member of this nice community? 

Some facts about me: 
- I am very into arts.
- I am from Lithuania (Eastern Europe), but in September 2017 I'm moving to the UK to start my studies. 
- I am a 19 year old guy.
- I consider myself to be quite friendly and helpful  Blush
- Love to hunt shinies. 

What I'm think I might bring to the community: 
Well, I am quite into breeding. I used to breed A LOT in OR/AS. Had this big collection of pokemon with various hidden abilities and egg moves and a big collection of dittos and stuff. I just recently finished my pokemon Sun story, so I will be looking foward to start collecting my "breeding laboratory" here in Alola haha. I am quite good at breeding, tho there is always room to grow. So I guess I'll do some breeject giveaways from time to time. 

What I expect from the community: 
Nothing much, just to meet some friendly pokemon-loving people haha. Looking forward to trading and battling some of you. I have been a big fan of competitive battles for ever. I really enjoy watching them, and always wanted to get into competitive. But I have no idea where to start, I have no idea how to build a team. So I hope I will manage to find help here to start my first steps in competitive pokemon battles.

Thank you. Yours truly,

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What's up Dan! Welcome to the forums Smile
It's a pretty chill community here + there's plenty of helpful people around if you ever need anything.
If you're into breeding you might want to join the breeding allegiance, a group of breeders here on the forums!
Hope you enjoy your time here!
Why Not Zoidberg?
Hello  Smile

I also tend not to play competitive, even though I have a pretty good team. It's more that I get frustrated at the number of tapu kokos that people use on Sun and Moon. I can probably still offer a bit of advice.
Breed pokemon that have good IVs, which (on S/M) you can check once you unlock the ability for hatching a load of eggs. If you want something to breed for good IVs, I can give you a 6IV ditto that I have spare. It's quite helpful. Unless you already have your own magic.
Then you want to make sure you can cover as many types as possible. You can do this easiest through giving your team a variety of move types. You should make sure that there's no common weakness, which in my case is often ice types.

Anyway, I could say SO much more but to prevent myself from rambling forever I'm going to stop here. If you want anything else from me, I'll be around the forums. I look forward to seeing you around in the future.  Big Grin
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Thanks for the tips, but I'm aware of the whole IV and nature and EV stuff. I know how to look up good movesets and item choices and stuff like that. I like preparing pokemon for competitive battles. what I struggle with is USING them in a battle and actually understanding the roles like spinner or wall or whatever the roles are and how many of them you need on your team . Also there are various teams like trick room and stuff i dont get those either. But I'll try my best haha
To be honest, my team strategy is just the old faithful 'glass cannon' as I call it. I basically just attempt to deal as much damage as possible without many casualties. The 1 of each item restriction is annoying, so I tend to give a focus sash to the first pokemon in my team in case they come up against something that could 1-shot them. I'm not really too into developing trick room strategies and things, even though I probably could. My strategy works well against the battle tree, and pretty well online.

I suppose you'd probably do better if you DID come up with some kind of proper strategy, but planning a lot can prove fatal when somebody else's strategy completely debunks yours. Always have some kind of backup, which is ironic since I don't actually have one myself.
"South winds fill the air tonight, A cold heart's lullaby, An icy figure walking, Through the city I called mine"

This is my shop for shinies and events. Please, come take a look!

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