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[NEW MEMBER] Hello, all!
Hi, everyone! I'm new both to Pokémon Forever, and Pokémon in general. My first Pokémon game was Alpha Sapphire, so, until recently, I had only played the 3DS games. I've been playing for a while now, but there are a lot of things I still do not know. I am currently alternating between Crystal, Diamond and Black to get caught up on previous gens -and having a blast, I might add! If I make a mistake, it's likely attributed to my relative newb-ness. Looking forward to being a part of the larger Pokémon community!!
Welcome, you'll enjoy your stay here, be sure to PM me, or my fellow Kahunas @moo311 and @yung lord or the mods @stephenWITNESS @FireTaco and @0kamii if you have any questions or issues
All the cool kids are going here
Guten Tag~

Remember to check out the Discord Channel too! Smile
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@NyxDusk35 Welcome to PokemonForever! You will definitively love this place!  Smile
 ~ Always ready to fire up Pokemon Forever with a hot battle! ~ 
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When you said you've started pokemon with the 3DS games i realized we both had something in common. so i say to you welcome
welcome here!
Welcome to the site @NyxDusk35! Make sure to hit me or one of the other mods if you ever need any help on the site Smile
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