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[NEW MEMBER] Hello fellow pokemon veterans :)
Hi there, my name's Paul, 24 years old from Germany, and at the moment only active in pokemon y.
I'm looking for friends to get some safari done and for some trading. 
Nice to be here and I hope we all get along well Smile
Hello! I'm one of the resident shopkeepers here. Everybody is willing to help out if you ever need anything, and the mods and kahunas are always around too.
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Hi and welcome.  We always need more people on the forum Smile
Thanks. I'll try my best to help you too ^^
Welcome @Paul93 Smile If you ever need any help on the site make sure to hit me or one of the other mods up!
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@Paul93 Hallo Paul, Willkommen in der Pokemon Forever Community!  Smile

Unfortunately, I am only playing Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun right now, but anyway I am sure that you will have a great time here in this amazing community!
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Welcome to the community, if you are looking for friend safaris just say the word and I will add your FC to my friends list  Tongue

P.S. Your ditto has been sent on GTS  Big Grin
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I got it :D
Thanks dude. Sure add me Smile

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