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[NEW MEMBER] Hey pokeman's
Hey, sorry for the bad pun. I'm new here and just joined the site. I'm not really sure  on what to say so...HI! If I need to answer nay questions just ask me.
Well welcome to the community.... Have fun an don't be afraid to ask for help... Theres lots of good ppl here that jus make this site awesome an a good place to be...
If u build it they will come... 
Thanks for the welcome
Welcome to the forums @Kat You made a good First Impression Kappa
welcome @Kat to the website!
Welcome to the community Big Grin if you have any questions don't be scared to ask.

Also check out our discord it really helps when talking to people in real time
Words i live by - Good Luck and Chance.
Welcome  Big Grin
Welcome @Kat! Hope you enjoy your time here Smile
Why Not Zoidberg?

Sorry for the late welcome, I am more active in the Discord than the forums~
What is a signature and how do I get one?

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