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[NEW MEMBER] Hi. I'm Dervis.
Hi. My name is Dervis....for all intents and purposes.

I've been a life long Pokemon player. I recently found these boards and thought they seemed like a welcoming and active place for Pokemon players such as myself. I've been playing my whole life, but never really had a community to play with. I'm hoping to meet some fellow trainers to trade, battle, share tips with, and just talk about Pokemon and stuff. 

Hope that's cool.

Welcome to the community, we have trainers of all types here so I am sure you can fit in. Personally I consider myself a Pokémon breeder, do you do much Pokémon breeding for your battling?
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I do quite a bit of breeding. I just bred a 6iv Corphish and a 6iv Yanmask that I'm working on training up! Very excited to have them on my team! Can't wait to see what they can do!

I'm currently trying to breed a Trick Room team. Cofagrigus is going to be one of my setters, and Crawdaunt is going to be a beast with his low speed no longer being an issue. I'm currently working on breeding a Tangrowth for some added defense on the team.
I just responded to your tangela post, hopefully that is what you need  Wink
Want to earn BR Pokémon?
Create Movesets for my breedjects! Details HERE
@Dervis welcome to the forums Smile if you ever need any help make sure to hit me up!
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Welcome, @Dervis ! We hope you enjoy our forums. I'm a competitive Pokemon breeder as well, and Trick Room is my favorite strategy. I'd love to help you out if you need it.

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Oh yeah, I also play VGC. Let me know if you need help with competitive battling!
welcome to the forums @Dervis there is some great stuff on the forums i'm sure u'll like it here
Well hello! I'm not always very active at the moment due to work but since it's Christmas I've got some spare time.

I also have a trade stop you can browse, though it's currently lacking stock.
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My trade shop - V2.1

Remember to visit the Discord Channel too! Smile
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