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[NEW MEMBER] Introducing: The_Flaine!
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Hello, PokémonForever! 
I'm sure many of you are familiar with @0kamii, and that you remember them mentioning their partner Flaine. Well, here I am, finally with an account of my own!

I first got into Pok
émon way back in Gen 1, back when Pokémon first came out in the United States. It's kind of funny, actually, how I can remember the exact moment that I decided I was going to enjoy this Japanese collect-them-all franchise; I remember I was in a Walmart with my parents as a kid, and somehow I convinced my parents to get me a deck of the trading card game. When I got home and opened up the box, the very first card I saw, no joke, was a holographic Mewtwo. And the rest is history. 

Make no mistake, though, I'm not your clich
é Genwunner who hates everything that came out after 1995. Weirdly enough, Gen 5 has a lot of my favorite things about this franchise, and Gen 7 has the best music and cinematography (or the video game equivalent) in my opinion. Though that might have something to do with the brief hiatus I had as a teen. 

I look forward to participating with the PokémonForever community, showing off more of my art and giving my two cents on the forums. Take care!
Hello and welcome
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(Dec 7, 2017, 09:19 AM)Arctero Wrote: Hello and welcome

Thank you, @Arctero.
Ahh here he is. Welcome to the site.
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Ah, bonjour!
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@The_Flaine welcome to the site! Glad you could join us Smile
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Greetings Everybody. Another fellow newbie to join you guys.
(Dec 9, 2017, 12:39 AM)AnthonyOdaniel Wrote: Greetings Everybody. Another fellow newbie to join you guys.

Welcome to you, @AnthonyOdaniel !
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