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[NEW MEMBER] Saying Hi~
@AgentGabriel Why am I always late to these! Hi, welcome to Pokemon Forever! This place ix awesome and I can guarantee you'll love it here!
Hi Im just your average rpg-playing, anime/manga loving, weeb poke-fan. A quote from Kaneki-senpai:
"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes it needs a monster"
PS- @TheAlmightySancho is my boi
I Lay Eggs

@AgentGabriel Welcome to the community! Big Grin

I am a Fire-type Pokemon trainer lover who also likes anime, rpg and maths — anyway feel free to PM me about any cool stuff! (Since you seem to be looking for anime recommendations as well, you may want to check this very recent thread on the topic by @Dova?)

As a matter of fact, I'm currently holding this little giveaway of Fire-type breedjects. Unfortunately, there are no legendaries or mythical mons, but let me know if I have something that you may want. You are welcome to participate (if you have any interest)!
 ~ Always ready to fire up Pokemon Forever with a hot battle! ~ 
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Looks like most people beat me to it I was sleeping, but welcome to the community. As you can see we are all friendly here and have people involved in all areas of Pokémon so I am sure you will have no problem getting into competitive battling with these guy's help.  Tongue

I am a Pokémon breeder so I don't do much battling but if you ever need help with breeding the Pokémon for competitive use I am happy to help. I also noticed your post in the ditto giveaway, rest assured you are not too late and I will go sort that in just a minute  Big Grin
Now Hosting the Amethyst 0mega VGC Water-Type Giveaway HERE
Welcome to the family! Smile

If you need anything and don't mind if it is hacked, find me in the Pokemon Forever Discord Channel because I rarely visit the forums nowadays. Sad
What is a signature and how do I get one?

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