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[NEWS] Ash & New Protagonist In the New Pokemon Anime Series Leaked ?
Hi Everyone.

For who is interested in upcoming new anime series of Pokemon (Pocket Monsters)

Here below this text you will find a poster image and characer design that has been shared on ''Japanse Boards''

[Image: 3220f6550dacc37b940255a6dd133124-full.jpg]

[Image: 6842d0f60596ffc53ebf54b60f2cf365-full.jpg]

As you can see, Ash might have to visit all regions from Kanto up to Galar region with this new ''companion'' who has a Scorbunny . (Yet to be confirmed to be true)

And it says it will air on 17 november 2019

On Sunday 29 september 2019 we might get more on this, so have patient and enjoY !


My Opinion : is that this ''possible'' new companion is maybe a new Female companion for Ash (Which has a red hairpin ) and looks kind of a Tomboy girl ? (A Girl who acts like a boy ?)
(I know Gladion did have something similiar, but in him i did not see the same style, who knows)

But i also have thought that maybe they wanted to do something unique by having brought a new kind of companion Guy who has Female traits ?

What do you all think about this ?

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