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[NEWS] Grookey Evolutions Leaked for Pokemon Sword & Shield ?
Hi everyone.

(Using phone now before sleeping time)

I just found some pictures online from jpn net, and i wanted to share them with you all.

Yet to be confirmed real, hope you like them ( I got a little a "dissapointment" feel when i saw them, since i wanted Grookey male form, though rumors said a gorilla would come..)

[Image: index3.png]
[Image: a003ec6db45182f0cb57cfd75d4cbb2e_17864768.jpg]

What do you think ? (

Edit: Confirmed fake (23 october 2019) Source
Assuming this is real, I'm pleasantly surprised, personally. I too thought it would be more traditionally 'male' in design, but I'm glad it isn't. Considering every other 'starter' (with the obvious exception of Primarina) across the generations is either 'male-leaning' or gender-neutral - if not outright 'male' in design - I like the direction they're taking the recent 'starter' designs.

And while we're on the topic of 'female-leaning' Grass-type Pokémon designs: I also like that this design doesn't fall into the now-infamous "grass bae" trope that a lot of 'female-leaning' Grass-type designs end up taking after. To wit, so far there are: Bellossom, Lilligant, Tsareena, Roserade, and arguably Lurantis, setting this precedent. Whereas most other Grass-type designs are either 'male-leaning' or relatively gender-neutral. I would describe this Pokémon as 'female-leaning,' but definitely not a "grass bae."
With how the Starters went, i almost thought it would be real

X Y = Fennekin (female)

Sun Moon = Primarina

Sword and Shield = ???

Would make sense for a Female, but for now looks like the Gorilla might still come (If the rumors are real )

This Source confirmed it to be fake (the female Grass)

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(Oct 23, 2019, 11:43 AM)Drangor2 Wrote: This Source confirmed it to be fake (the female Grass)

Great! At least now we know. Smile

Thanks for the update @Drangor2.

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