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[NEWS] New Ultra Sun and Moon Trailers!
Within the last 24 hours the Pokémon company has released two brand now trailers for Ultra Sun and Moon. These two trailers are very different in content but make some big revelations of what's to come in these games.

The first trailer was shown on the Japanese show Oha Suta. It's quite cinematic in it's presentation with a focus on Necrozma and it's new forms, and Ultra Beasts. We also get to see some new cut scenes and what looks like a version of the Mantine Surf feature, that was revealed recently, but with Necrozma's Sun form in Ultra Space. @Kris has a great breakdown of the trailer here!

The second trailer was uploaded to the official Pokémon Youtube channel. This time it's focus was on Ultra Beast, Ultra Space and new team The Ultra Recon Squad. We get a much better look at Ultra Space and get to see the different environments that the UBs live in, like Buzzwoles jungle setting. There's also the reveal of yet another new UB and we finally get to learn the typings of UBs Burst and Assembly!

This was a great reveal and I'm definitely looking forward to getting my copy of Ultra Moon. Still a bit disappointed at the lack of new Alolan Forms so far, but I'm still hopeful! Make sure to let us know what your thoughts on these new trailers are and what you're looking forward to most in these games!
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