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[NEWS] Nintendo Has Released the Future of the DS Family
Hey everyone,

In a new video released by Japanese Nintendo insider Tokyosaurus, the future of the the 3DS family has at last been revealed, and its good news!

To put it short, Nintendo will continue to develop its DS, while also developing the Switch. With the amount of revenue still coming in from the DS family, its a no-brainer. This is good for us, as it means we will still be able to actively use our DS's for years to come. I'm relieved by this, and I hope others are too.  Big Grin

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I was going to still use it anyway what are y'all on about
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We'll need to know more about Pokemon Switch. I really don't want to have to drop the cash for a Switch, but I still like to compete in VGC.
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Don't expect anything until E3
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Once you get used to the switch you will like it(even though its more like a 2ds when you use the ''handheld mode'''but easier without a double screen ) Nice thing is that when you are outside you can bring the switch hand mode with you, and while at home or some other far place from home if you also bring the other connect thing you can play in big screen on tv (pokemon on tv for example)

I wonder if next years we get a 4ds
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