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[NEWS] Pokemon Sword & Shield to have 18 gyms and more !
Hello everyone.

For who didn't know yet, GameInformer went to Game Freak HQ for their cover month story and talked with Shigeru Ohmori about many different topics, what was revealed you can find below.

[Image: 1bce5ae6e2c825aaaed89cf793a08b79-full.png] HMs won't be in Sword and Shield.


[Image: 1bce5ae6e2c825aaaed89cf793a08b79-full.png] EXP Share is Automatic in the Sword & Shield games. (Without Item use)


[Image: 1bce5ae6e2c825aaaed89cf793a08b79-full.png] Max Raid Battles



[Image: 1bce5ae6e2c825aaaed89cf793a08b79-full.png] Autosaving Is Optional



[Image: 1bce5ae6e2c825aaaed89cf793a08b79-full.png] Bring Your Already Caught Favorite into competitive !



[Image: 1bce5ae6e2c825aaaed89cf793a08b79-full.png] Pokemon Who Didn't Make it, will come in the Future




[Image: 1bce5ae6e2c825aaaed89cf793a08b79-full.png] 18 Unique Gyms in Sword & Shield ! (Major and Minor )

I wonder if the "system to make Pokémon competitive" will be as useless as hyper training. Unless you give the player a way to edit IVs AND have it affect hidden power then there's no point. And their new system just sounds like a nature switcher. Which will likely have a downside to it.
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