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[NEWS] Sunny day Snorlax is coming + Another pokemon!
Hi everyone.

For who didn't know yet 2 new events are coming in Japan

When the ''Pokemon Center DX Tokyo'' opens in March 2018/

''Beautiful Weatherl'' (Sunny day move ?)
Snorlax This one will be released between 14 March until April 2018 at the ']Pokemon Center DX Tokyo for trainers that own Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and the older versions ''Moon and Sun''.

While the second pokemon will be released at same time as Snorlax it will have some difference.

A Pikachu holding the ITEM ''Lemonade''

The Pikachu will be released at all other pokemon centers located in Japan.

We might get more info later (Who knows if maybe in future in Eu or america we get something like that)

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Just a PSA, Snorlax already has access to Sunny Day via TM. So if this is indeed Sunny Day Snorlax and it stays a Japan event, you're not missing anything exclusive.
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