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New to you!
Hey guys! New to this site but I've been playing competitively online since the end of 4th Gen. Hoping to have some fun here and meet some people to battle and strategize with.
Welcome yo hope you have good times here man
Eckley is best grill

From the ashes he rises. SenpaisLittleEevee has returned to claim back what was once his
Welcome to the Site
Welcome to the Forums!
Thanks guys! Happy to be here =D
Welcome to the forum! I hope you find everything you need here. If you haven't already, check out this thread for a quick rundown of what you can find here.
The Nurse Joy of #TeamForum.
Welcome aboard.
Be sure to check out my Otaru Regional Fakedex.  Updating regularly with new Fakemon.  Always looking for feedback!

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